Premier is a name we see everywhere thanks to its beautifully soft tissues. But did you know Premier doesn’t only make tissues? Find out what products hygiene and makeup products Premier has brought in Malaysia here.

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Premier’s Best Products in Malaysia – Not Just Tissues!

If you’ve ever had sinus problems, your best friend would be a box of soft, silky facial tissues by Premier. Even if you don’t, you are bound to fall in love with the beauty of Premier’s hygiene and facial products that have long been Malaysia’s favourite. As we use tissues for wiping almost anything, Premier tissues are the preferred choice. Their gentle feel, and sometimes, scented wipes ease off any discomfort from our body.

How Malaysians Use Premier Tissues

Fond memories of our mother handing us a tissue to wipe away our tears or push it close to your nose to blow away the phlegm are always at the back of our mind. And out of all the names that are printed on the tissue box, Premier is the number one choice.

We Malaysians can often be excessive with our tissue use. Premier tissues are also the prime choice for wiping up spills – both at home and outside. This is why we find tissue boxes ready with a loose one fluttering in wind, ready to be yanked out. We also have a box in our car, a small pack in our bad, and a few loose ones in your pocket (just in case!).

Premier tissues are great when eating our messy Malaysian foods. Imagine slobbering over our noodles or slurping our soups and not having anything to wipe with – that would be a nightmare! Thankfully, most restaurants trust Premier as the premium choice of tissues.

Other Types of Premier Products

You would have come across some of Premier’s other products in the hygiene section of the supermarket. Here are some of Premier’s best products in the Malaysian market today.

Premier Cotton Buds

There are four main types of Premier cotton buds:

  • Premier Cotton Buds – The generic cotton buds packaged in bulk. These Cotton Buds come in both zipper bag and plastic containers that suit your hygienic convenience. A variety of sizes are available: 160, 200, 280, 400 and 640 tips 160x3.
  • Premier Cosmetic Buds – Perfect for applying and removing selected areas of makeup. As a natural skincare product, you can use it as an eyeshadow applicator, lipstick applicator, and for manicure & pedicure use.
  • Premier Kiddie Buds – Teach your little one to clean himself with these Kiddie Buds. Soft, gentle tips allow for safe use by younger children learning how proper hygiene.
  • Premier Safety Buds – Cotton buds that are ideal for use on babies and young children. Made from 100% soft cotton, these are ideal for use on the ears and nose.

Premier Facial Cotton

Nothing says soft like cotton. Premier is a master at making cotton dabs and cotton swabs for hygiene, grooming, and medical purposes. The most common of Premier’s cotton line is the facial cotton. Premier facial cotton comes in long strips that are suitable for both cosmetic and medical use. You can divide them into smaller pieces using scissors or simply tear them with your hands.

Premier Cotton Balls

If you don’t like tearing the facial cotton into smaller pieces, you can get them pre-packed as cotton balls. Coming in packs of 100 pieces, Premier cotton balls are ideal for dabbing wounds with rubbing alcohol, cleaning off makeup after a long day out, or simply cleaning your favourite collectibles with warm water.

Premier Facial Blotter

Made solely for makeup use, the Premier facial blotter pack comes in sheets of 100 so you sufficient supply to remove and apply cosmetics. Much like cotton balls, these bad boys come in smaller sizes so it’s convenient to bring along when on the move.

Premier Cotton Wool

Premier cotton wool is a large slab of cotton whereby you can ‘pluck out’ the amount of cotton you want. This is perfect for those who want a bigger amount of cotton and abstract shapes. Cotton wool is also used in insulation of beds and pillows as well as in the ears (as noise protecting earplugs). Premier cotton wool is also the best option in terms of cost due to its large amount and flexible usage.

You might think all these products are similar, but they are not. They each have distinct purposes in terms of keeping clean, grooming, and first aid. Premier is also a key player in the medical world. Doctors and nurses prefer the brand over others thanks to quality and durability.

Ultimately, Premier brings a customer-focused series of products that are more than just useful – they are necessary for the home. If you are particular about hygiene or may be in the medical field, Premier is your trusted brand. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Why not try other brands like Tender Soft and Avon?