Powercat is the best brand of Powerpet Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of Adabi Consumer Industries Sdn. Bhd and the only cat food product that has halal certification in Malaysia. The product also contains a combination of the freshness of its ingredients and nutrients. Other than that, they also using high-quality materials in their packaging. The product is made to satisfy all nutritional needs for the pet especially the cat.


Pet Food-Power cat by Adabi

Ingredient for the Product

Powercat has carried out extensive research before the distribution of its product to the mass market in Malaysia to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction. They only use fresh fish from the fresh ocean without preservatives, without artificial coloring and no additional salt to keep your pet healthy and active. All these ingredients that have been used in cat food/dry food contain the optimal level of protein that will benefit the health of the pet. It's enriched by minerals and vitamins that help with digestion, enhance teeth, bones, immunity, and preserve healthy fur for the pet.

Bestselling for the cat food

Among the best-selling collections from Powercat, which are:

  1. Power Cat Ocean/ Tuna / Kitten / Chicken 7kg Cat Food
  2. Power Cat Tuna/ Ocean Fish 7kg Original Packaging (Product Adabi Bumiputera)
  3. Fresh Ocean Fish 7kg (Bumiputera Product)

Currently, these three are also the most popular products at iprice.

Price for the Product

Do not worry about the money, Powercat offers you high-quality halal pet food at such a cheap price. All of the product is sold on affordable price for everyone to purchase it.