Have you been looking high and low for a bag that is lightweight, fictional but is also pretty on the outside? Then Potter has everything you need. Inspired by everything around them, Porter is the master of minimalism and class. Want to know more about this label? Scroll all the way down to discover Porter.


Hailed all the way from Japan

When you infuse classic, charisma and minimalism, you would get Porter. In English, ‘porter’ would mean ‘an individual who is employed to carry luggage’. Whereas in French, ‘porter’ is a verb that means ‘to carry’ while ‘prêt à porter’ means ‘ready to wear’. The combination of these meanings is what makes PORTER INTERNATIONAL the best name for their widest range of products.

Other than the extravagant and sparkly accessories, minimalism and subtlety are the foundation of each PORTER INTERNATIONAL creation. Started in 2001, PORTER INTERNATIONAL has successfully established a popular image of “affordable luxury brand” by continuously pursuing in exquisite quality. Targeting a strong fan base amongst the younger generations, this label succeeds in blending aesthetics and practicalities that would surely suit their needs. Their best quality materials are from all over the world and with the highest level of dedication, expert craftsmanship and attention to detailing, PORTER INTERNATIONAL is indeed a force to be recognized in the world of accessories.

Know your Porter

Are you still new to Porter and don’t know much about their over glorified bags? Fret not, as we here are loaded with information about the different Porter bags. Here are some of their best sellers.

Coppi Series by Porter

This Coppi Series is actually inspired by the sacoche (a type of bag that was used to pass snacks and water bottles to racers) for bicycle road races. Though the originals sacoche does not have any gusset with very simple design, the type that is adopted in the Coppi series features cushioned pockets to hold tablet devices like iPad and laptops, and sub straps or also known as hip straps to hold the bag when it is carried around the shoulders. The bags in this series are designed to be thin and lightweight without any gussets yet highly functional with multiple functions.

Clone Series by Porter

The bags in this series is the perfect definition of casualness. Consisting mainly of their popular regular types, the bags features embossed hooks and fine twill lining. The bag also has a card pocket without any stitches at the opening which creates a simple look to enable smooth card retrieval skills. The cotton canvas of these bags are coated by paraffin and embossed using crocodile pattern, in the same way leather are treated. In addition to that, aniline dye is applied to highlight unevenness, for rich texture and fine colour difference.

Girl Gem Pouch Series by Porter

When it comes to the ladies, this is a must have piece of leather. This pouch is designed to fit your palm and mainly focuses on its refined, simple design and high functionality. It features goatskin, which is extremely rare and is thicker that the normal one. To maximize its soft and elastic texture, the finishing of the leather uses very minimum pigment with the least amount of oil. This process deepens the colour, enhances the softness and gives extra shine to the leather. This pouch is available in 4 different colours, Black, Beige, Blue and Brown.

Klunkerz by Porter (the Messenger Bag)

The perfect bag for your casual walk around town, The Klunkerz is designed to be highly functional and lightweight even when it is always on your shoulder. The Friction and rip resistant 500 denier CORDURA nylon yarns are uses to weave the dense fabric which makes it stronger than any other nylon. Blushed span are also used to reduce the shine of nylon to create a chic and classy impression. This bag features a pocket on the outside of the body for storage and also comes with a big flap that is inspired by the messenger style. The bags in this collection are available in 2 different colours, Black and Beige.

Get your personal Porter here

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