Every Porsche is a race car. When Ferdinand Porsche wanted a supercar, he decided to make his own. Thus brought in the beautiful history of Porsche supercars. Today, with thousands of records made, Porsche is one supercar brand to look for. Find out more here.


Top 3 Porsche Cars Every Car Lover Wants in their Garage

A style icon, performance machine, supercar disruptor – these words sum up the German supercar known as Porsche. For nearly 70 years, Porsche has been a disruptor in the world of performance motorsports. From its iconic Porsche silhouette, reliability, pure and focused driving experience, to its ability to throw off trends in the supercar world, Porsches are definitely dream-machines. A heavyweight in the world of brilliant supercars, what Porsche sought to produce were basic, functional, straight-up uncut sports cars that anyone could drive. Bringing in the minimalist motive in each car starting from the Porsche 356 to the all-new plug-in hybrid racer, 918, Porsche is brilliant in its entire make.

The beauty of Porsche

So what makes the Porsche such a beautiful car to drive? Well, if you’ve never driven a Porsche before, you must make it part of your bucket list. You can’t call yourself a car enthusiast without a drive in a Porsche. Not just any Porsche, a Porsche 911. Considered as the base of all modern Porshe supercars, the 911 brings in basic technology that has been perfected throughout the years. When Porsche first produced the 911, it made a simple, no-fuss machine that was great with handling, had enormous stability and grip, and was just an all-around fun car to drive. Those characteristics were passed down to every subsequent model and that is the ultimate beauty of the car.

Porsche 911 – The Immortal Supercar

When we think of Porsche, we are essentially thinking of the Porsche 911. Thanks to its iconic shape, the 911 is etched in memory like supercar lover’s dream. The icon grown from a silhouette is equally high in performance as it is in design. Known as the immortal supercar, the 911 was mass produced in 1965. With 7 generations of up to this day, the 911 has won more than 20,000 racing victories!

All these records were made thanks to the 911’s epic engineering. Simply look at the 1976 Porsche 911 Turbo – the model that fast-tracked Porsche into the supercar world, showing its competitors how far ahead it was. The car was made to be engaging as it brought the elements of simplicity and fun in every drive. With the Turbo, you had a piece of stunning automotive machinery that changed the way we see cars.

Since its emergence, the Porsche 911 has had multiple variations. From the 911 Turbo, to the 911 Targa, 930 turbo, to the 933, variations are still being made until this day. The latest of which brings in the 911 GT3 RS; one of the most beautiful hypercars you may see on the road. Thanks to Porsche’s beauty and performance, the supercar scene will never be the same again.

Porsche Carrera GT

Porsche threw a wrench into the world of supercar sports once again. Forged from the LeMans technology in the late 90s, the Carrera GT made headlines the world over. As Porsche took a break from performance racing events in the year 2000, the company moved forward in changing perception again. When all the cars at that time were going automatic, making driving easier, the Carrera GT was made to be more realistic, more hands-on, more supercar.

Sporting a flat, sleek, aerodynamic look, with subtle curves complementing its design, the Carrera GT took a different route from its classic 911’s curves. The V10 naturally-aspirated mid-engine, open-top supercar took enthusiasts by surprise. A thicker wheel-base, a lower chassis, an open-view to its engine, all added to the Carrera GT’s flare.

Porsche 918

Fast forward into the world of hybrids and Porsche is leading again. Building the hybrid supercar, Porsche came out with the 918 Spyder – a car that was made to break records. The performance of the car was enhanced with the electric motor coupled with a petrol engine allows you to choose multiple modes when driving. And did you know you can charge your battery while driving?

What you may or may not know is that the 918 has already broken records in its short life on the earth. Conquering the Nurburgring Nordschleife in 6:57 minutes, the Porsche 918 gave a huge look into the future of hybrid and alternative technology in the world of motorsports. The combination of the electric and petrol engine is engineered in such a way that you get raw power underneath the hood.

What’s in store for us today?

We may not be able to own a Porsche, but we can definitely live the life of a Porsche owner. Go for performance, simplicity, and style with Porsche accessories and other products. Today, you can get Porsche perfumes, sunglasses, and even Porsche emblems online. Check out the variety of the products above!