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Ways to style long sleeved tops

Being a staple outfit in many girls wardrobes, long sleeved tops has long been a fashion choice as it can be worn as a casual as well as a formal outfit. On the other hand, there are many ways you can style the garment. Here are ways to style long sleeved tops.


Knowing how to layer your long sleeved tops does not only keep you trend-savvy but also allows you to create different looks with the same garment. The key to layering is to use a various accessories such as belts, vests, scarves, jackets, button up shirt and much more. Simply use a belt to cinch the waist of a long sleeve shirt so that it will create visual interest. Other than that, you can make use of a scarf to add some colour to a plain looking shirt. Moreover, wear a sleeveless maxi dress on top of the long sleeved top for a more feminine look.

Colour choices

For added visual interest, you can pair a solid long sleeved shirt with bold prints so that your look is balanced out. It can also be done vice versa. Another way is to wear a printed long sleeved shirt with a solid vest or jacket. If you prefer a more polished look, the best way is to pick a button-up. Another important aspect to take note of is the colour of the hijab because it might be solid coloured or printed. So no matter how it is designed, it should go well with the blouse. The colour of the hijab should be taken from the colour plate of the print and not the colour of the long-sleeved blouse. So make sure the print complements the colour of the top.

Get the right fit

You have to make sure the long sleeved shirt has to fit properly. As a muslimah, any clothing worn cannot be too tight. Nonetheless, the fit should be just right particularly if you are wearing a long sleeved button up. However, if you plan to wear a belt with it, choose a slightly over-sized top which will help to relieve any unsightly pulling.

Oversize it

An over- sized long sleeved top can be paired with another top underneath to add a different visual interest. This can also be done for oversized long sleeve plaid shirts.

Bohemian chic

Pairing a button up long sleeved with a maxi boho skirt is the best way to get the bohemian look that is currently in trend. This is not only a fun look but a fashion forward one as well. It can also be quite cooling particularly in the humid Malaysian weather. To polish off the look, simply add a accessory such as a belt or your favourite handbag.

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