In the modest world of Islamic dressing, it may difficult for some to pair dresses with a hijab. Worry not as you can get the best dresses with Poplook in Malaysia and read below to learn more about the guide to wearing a hijab with a dress.

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How to pair your hijab with your maxi dress

Depending on a Muslim women's personal preference, some wear a hijab for its style while others wear it out of obligation. So no matter what the reasoning is, every Muslimah do not have to worry about styling it. There are a vast variety of hijabs out there, from fancy prints to solid coloured as well as knotted or twisted. Here are ways you can look good with your maxi dress whilst wearing a hijab.

Choosing the right hijab

Knowing which hijab goes well with your maxi ensemble can be a little bit tricky. This is because; your hijab can either be in solid colour or printed. However it is designed, it should go well with the dress. The most important aspect is to keep in mind the colour combination of the maxi dress as well as the hijab. Moreover, to keep it modest, the length of the hijab should be long enough to cover the front part of the dress. As a rule of thumb, if you choose to wear a printed maxi dress, the colour of the hijab should be taken from the colour palate of the print and not the base colour of the maxi. This works vice versa too. Thus, the print of the hijab should complement the colour of the dress.

The type of fabric

Another important aspect of the hijab is the fabric used to make it. The best materials are silk, georgette, and chiffon. It is best to avoid fabrics such as jersey as it is rather stiff and has a rather rough texture. If you are planning to go to a more formal event, it is best to choose satin over anything else as it emits a more luxurious style. You can opt for other fabrics such as voile, polyester, and viscose. The hot weather in Malaysia is perfect for maxi dresses that are made of light fabrics.

Colour blocking

In order to add interesting colours to your look, the best way to do so is to go for colour blocking. For example, match turquoise with tangerine or pink with emerald green and so on. To add a third colour to the look, you can choose an accessory such as a bag, belt or jewelry.

Customize it

A great way to match your hijab according to your maxi dress is to customize it. You can look naturally chic and classy with the set. An example would be to add embroidery on your hijab which follows the similar ones utilised on your maxi dress. Other than that, you may add a piping of the colour to complement the dress.

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