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Collections offered by Poplook in Malaysia

Ever had trouble finding the right outfit for the right occasion? Look through Poplook’s collection and you might just have found the perfect outfit! Islam being the Malaysia’s national religion, Poplook in Malaysia has incredibly changed the fashion scene for every Hijabistas (a stylish Muslim woman who conforms to the Islamic modesty code) out there. That is the reason why Poplook designs their clothing to look modest without having to compromise the aspects of style. You can feast your eyes with over 1500 designs of elegant, chic, and modern clothing. Only with Poplook, there is an abundance of variety, style, and pattern that would definitely suit your fashion needs. Take a look at the collections offered by them!

Permanent collection

Weddings & Celebration

This collection can be described as sophisticated and elegant, where it combines soft and cold colours such as pastels to muted tones. Choose from a variety of designs such as peplum tops, ruffle tier sleeved blouse, maxi dresses, mermaid skirt and much more. You can either chose to purchase separates or full dresses.

Mother & daughter

Aside from the wedding collection, mothers who are fans of Poplook can match their clothing with their little ones as well! Let’s admit it, children tend to grow up too fast, so take advantage of their toddler years by dressing up together. Poplook offers adorable designs such as embroidered, floral, and much more.


You do not have to sacrifice not looking stylish during your pregnancy with the Poplook maternity collection. This collection features a variety of outfits that can be worn for a casual day out or work. Moreover, there are also nursing blouses available which are ideal for first-time mummies.


Look fashionable while you workout with the sportswear collection. Stretchy fabric such as polyblend is utilised for most of their garments so that you can exercise with the utmost comfort. Choose from panelled blouses and long sports pants as well as a variety of hoodies!


Every woman’s wardrobe should include at least one basic wear as they are some of the easiest garments to match with. It also helps make your wardrobe well-balanced with the other “louder” pieces. This collection focuses on darker shades such as black, grey, and brown.


Poplook has also specially set aside two collections that offer the latest muslimah trends such as flare sleeves and co-ords.

Themed collection


Get transported to Morocco with outfits inspired by the country’s gorgeous prints. Dress to impress with Poplook’s most unique collection that offers Kimono styles, asymmetrical blouses, kaftan, tapered pants, and much more.


Similar to basic wear, the minimalism collection offers various garments that give off a clean look. It comes in various elegant pastel colours such as pink, mint green, baby blue and much more.


Not wanting to forget the heritage of Muslim traditional wear, this collection features classic pieces that are re-imagined in today’s modern fashion. This is perhaps the only collection that offers menswear so that you can look good with your significant other as well!


This collection is for the lady in you as it features exquisite pieces made with delicate lace.


Antayla captures the essence of spring with its floral designs that are available in a variety of dainty colours. You can choose from Baju Kurung, Kaftan or even maxi dresses!


Now you can look good as celebrities such as Yuna, Sheila Amzah, and Neelofa with Poplooks collection of hijabs. You can be as stylish as your favourite hijabista too by picking your favourite from their vibrant and pattern filled headscarves that are available in various styles such as curve edge, scallop, butterfly, instant, square, lace, jersey and much more.

Poplook and their collaborations

Jovian Mandagie

Perhaps one of the most influential designers in Malaysia, Jovian Mandagie collection is well-known among celebrities such as Anita Sarawak, Siti Norhaliza, Ning Baizura, and Erra Fazira. The collection showcases designed inspired by the 1960s, retro era. This collection consists of 7 different attire and each available in 2 different colours which is hugely inspired by woman’s personality and character that is feminine and soft. Moreover, the outfits are embellished with accessories such as precious stones and crystals as well as lace fabric in order to make this collection much more elite and extravagant.

Fashion Valet

Being two major fashion houses in Malaysia, this partnership will surely not disappoint. The collection is named Poplook Premium for FashionValet. As an exclusive capsule collection, it combines luxurious details with feminine silhouettes. There is a total of 10 different designs available ranging from soft to dark colours.

If you love the collection Poplook has to offer, do check out Zalora for more muslimah wear!

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