Are you an active person? Always on the go, flying from one place to another? Then you will need a set of high-quality luggage and clothing that will help with your endless journey ahead. Polo creates a variety of polo shirts, leather bags, luggage sets, shoes for men and women as well as wallets. Find out why you need Polo fashion here.


Why Polo is the Biggest Fashion Brand in Malaysia

Take a look around you when you are out and about, and you will notice one of the biggest brands people in Malaysia wear is Polo. Polo, as one of our favourite brands, is simple yet elegant in its make. Polo is said to be the ‘Sport of Kings’ and so the brand also inspires to make premier clothing and products that are fit for the kings and queens. Due to more than half a century of fabric innovation and research into the comfort of the apparel, the brand has a following of epic proportions. Let’s look further into what makes Polo such an awesome brand.

The Incredible Variety

Polo, also sometimes known as Polo Haus, makes comfortable clothing, leather products ranging from bags, wallet, belts, shoes to handbags. Starting with making a series of tailored polo men’s shirts, the brand quickly found favour in its local Malaysian market, but the brand eventually expanded its distribution to neighbouring countries like Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. A premium brand that makes premium clothing for the active people, Polo Haus has been catering the clothing needs for from the business to casual wear since 1983 with classy polo shirts and its signature polycarbonate luggage bags. Polo’s range of clothing consists of t-shirts (most popular), slacks, track pants, bags, sunglasses, and of-course, perfumes.

Affordable and High-quality

Polo apparel is economically priced and the brand makes products that are of good quality. Based locally, the fashion retailer’s manufacturing plant makes its products with good clothes and the brand has also launched its own watch collection. Polo offers you the chance to have premium made leather products that you can wear every day. Owning something that is of high-quality – that is durable – is something that you should spend a little more on.

Trendy Fashion

Fashion yourself as the man of the town by dressing the part. Go swoon the ladies with your charismatic looks and personality paired up with the correct clothing. Start off by looking the part of a suave and calm hunk, and you will be able to score yourself a date or two or more with the lady as effortlessly as the way you look and dress. Polo clothing will not only make you classy, it will also transform your look from looking like a boy to looking like a real man. Complete your outfit with your choice of Polo leather belts to enhance your look onto the next level. It is not hard dressing up if you have Polo.

Now dive into the world of scents and fragrances. Polo’s perfume range with the Polo Black series, Polo Red, Polo Sport, and Ralph Lauren By Polo give you unlimited options to not only smell good but feel confident.

Ladies, Polo also has a line of beautifully-crafted handbags for with an extensive range of leather ladies’ footwear to support each step on your journey. Choose from Polo’s range of women’s footwear, the brand has sandals, loafers, wedges, heels, take your pick from these comfortable, and premium made footwear. Shoes are the most important fashion accessory as they chauffeur you about and take you to places. Below are some fashion items and accessories that you would love from Polo Malaysia.

  • Bags - In this category, you get a complete collection of Polo bags. Choose from Polo handbags, travel bags and laptop bags. One of the most popular bag collections is the Polo Business Shoulder Bag Casual draft and the Polo Handbag Briefcase which are both made of genuine brown leather that gives the impression of elegance and exclusivity on the product.
  • Purses - In addition to presenting a variety of bags, you also get a huge selection of wallets and purses. The most popular collections are Polo Vicuna Genuine Leather and the Polo Vintage Hasp. Both types of wallets are made of genuine leather. Polo Wallets comes with a variety of sizes are also colours that can be customized to your personal taste.
  • Clothes - In addition to a collection of bags and wallets that are identical to the original leather, Polo is also known for its clothing collection that became a consumer favourite merchandise. Favourite collection of Polo clothes is Polo shirt that comes in various colours.