Known for its simple styling and fashionable trends, Polo Haus Malaysia brings in comfortable and exciting styles for your #OOTD. Find out more about what Polo Haus styles suit you here.

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Contemporary styling genius Polo Haus Malaysia

The American brand Polo has brought the iconic styling of polo t-shirts and casual/semi-formal wear to Malaysia. Now the brand Polo Haus, a subsidiary of the iconic Polo is here in Malaysia. Let’s look at some of the ways you can style your Polo Haus clothing for men and women.

Polo Haus For Men

Style your comfort-wear with Polo Haus shirts

Traditionally, Polo Haus shirts consist of a short-sleeved t-shirt with a 2-button neckline and a collar. Suave and sexy, the right sized polo shirt hugs the upper half of your body and fits like glove. A buttoned-up look could give a neat and formal look, while an unbuttoned look makes you appear easy-going and carefree. Whatever look you’re going for, be sure to pair it with the right matching outfits.

Polo Haus t-shirts paired with any outfit

As the most flexible clothing, Polo Haus shirts can be paired with almost any outfit. From a casual day at the beach to a night out for dinner, or even a business-casual day at the office, the Polo Haus tee gives you the freedom to be versatile. Some simple ways you could dress to impress are:

  • Polo Haus t-shirt with dress shorts/Bermuda shorts
  • Polo Haus t-shirt with jeans
  • Polo Haus t-shirt with slacks or dress pants

Find a Polo Haus shirt that suits you

Polo Haus shirt fabric and feel: Choose a shirt fabric that you’ll feel comfortable in. Most polo tees are made from cotton, which can be hot especially in Malaysia. But try on some of the types available to get the best for you. Be fussy. Don’t settle with ‘OK’. Go for only the best.


Gentlemen, the classiest Polo Haus shirt you could get comes in black colour. You can never go wrong with black. Alternatively, you could choose other neutral colours like white or blue. Pastel colours also do well with any jeans or single-coloured shorts. Want to stand out? Go for vertical stripes or little patterns on the polo.


There is a myth that says a guy can only wear a Polo Haus shirt if he is fit. Let’s debunk that myth with one simple fact – You only need to find the right size. Polo shirts come in all sizes. S, M, L, XL and XXL. If you’re shopping in stores overseas where people generally have a larger build, you would want to go for the smallest size. Do look out for XS (extra-small) size if you’re of Asian descent and body frame while shopping overseas. Length also matters. Choose a length that will complement your style. The proper length for a Polo Haus shirt should go past your belt line but not go past the line where your crotch meets your legs.

These are just some of the ways you could rock the Polo Haus t-shirt. The Polo Haus t-shirt is so versatile, there are even Polo Haus t-shirts for women.

To add to the range of women’s clothing, Polo Haus offers a wide selection of dresses too!

Polo Haus Malaysia For Women

Large brands have always been versatile in their clothing range. For a brand known by its t-shirt line, Polo has expanded to bring in dresses that are visually attractive as well as tailor-made for the every body shape. Polo Haus dresses in Malaysia are the perfect choice for both the average woman as well as the fashion-savvy girl. Vivid colour combinations and angular designs that accentuate your lady curves are what Polo dresses are about.

Shopping by brand is often a trend when looking for new apparel. With a big name like Polo Haus, you can rest assured that quality goes hand-in-hand with variety and styling. As glamourous as the name is, Polo Haus dresses come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. Women’s fashion has never been more exciting than the choice that is Polo dresses. Some Polo Haus dresses that you can find online range from Polo Haus maxi dresses to Polo halter dresses.

Polo Haus Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are some of the most comfortable dresses a woman can wear. Thanks to long, flowing fabric that covers your entire body, Maxi dresses are the perfect option for everyday wear.

Polo Haus Halter Dresses

Don’t limit your style to basic dresses. Try out new and trendy fashion such as Polo Haus halter dresses. You can find these amazing designs here in Malaysia. Show some skin with Polo Haus halter dresses.

Now that you know more about Polo Haus as a brand for men and women, it’s time to shop! Get the best from Polo Haus in Malaysia with the selection above or check out the other available brands in the market.