Hunky actor Chris Pine once said, “The only thing you sometimes have control over is perspective. You don't have control over your situation. But you have a choice about how you view it.” If there’s one view we don’t want to miss, it’s those blue eyes. See clearer and soak in the view with Police sunglasses, watches, jewels, accessories, and fragrances. For all those times you’ve felt like you needed to change your view, Police is here with tried and tested accessories to enhance your vision and style. Look beyond with Police.


Watchful eyes of the past

It was the eighties. An important time in eyewear fashion that marked the pivot point of when sunglasses became more than just a simple accessory but a reflection of personal style. Whether one chose to stand out or frame their face shape, Police eyewear has been gracing the faces of many since 1983.

In 1997, Police launched its first perfume set. This brand extension is a testament to the brand’s broad reach. From perfumes, jewelry to watches, there’s so much more to love about Police today. Fans were able to capture the brand’s scent and wear it with pride since the year 1997. Two years later, the authentic die-hard icon of the 1990s, Bruce Willis came on as an ambassador. The brand used his testimony in 1999 up until 2001. This true blue tough guy set the tone for Police fans throughout that period.

The brand took to another Hollywood star in 2002. Police roped in one of the most sought-after men in Hollywood, George Clooney. No one did casual, devilish charm like Clooney, and this resonated with fans of the brand. This enabled Police to embrace a new title, icon and face of the brand.

2003 marked the year Police launched its inaugural watch collection. The contemporary designs became a street fashion vocation, symbol of glamor and non-conformist lifestyle. Made for those who created their own fashion rules, Police timepieces allowed wearers to exude their own swag and keep to their appointments in style.

Jewelry lovers were all smiles in 2005, as this was the year that Police introduced its first ever jewelry collection. Combining materials like silver, matte steel, crystals and leather in a creative fashion, Police’s accessory line was one ripe with gothic inspiration and a futuristic twist. The concept of these pieces made it coveted amongst accessory fans and collectors too.

Brad Goreski got it right when he said, “Putting on a new pair of sunglasses is a simple way to completely transform your look…” We couldn’t agree more. After expanding into different markets in different cities across the globe, Police made the decision to reflect on its unique positioning in 2010. The Police eyewear, fragrance, timepiece and jewelry ranges all have an unique personality and appeal to real people whose lifestyle’s connect with Police’s brand essence.

The brand achieved yet another milestone in 2011. This time by relaunching blue mirror lenses. This 80s trend came back with a bang thanks to Police’s use of aviator frames. This distinctive style got its upgrade via acetate and metal frames for a more rebellious and rock fueled finish. This timeless classic is easily spotted and can transform any look in an instant. It became a worldwide hit and the brand’s new rock vibe made the air pulsate with rebellious, strong and sexy vibes.

In the span of one short year, Police was ready to make another launch. This time, the brand branched out into bags with its European leather goods collection. Pieces that are contemporary, unique and functional are key words that described Police’s new collection. The brand’s broad range of designs that looked to the future enabled it to further establish itself as a true lifestyle accessory brand.

The famous faces of Police

The right brand ambassador can do wonders for a brand’s presence. Over the years, Police has enlisted the help of Hollywood’s hottest actors and a football star to front its advertising campaigns. Police’s list of impressive ambassadors include George Clooney, David Beckham, Antonio Banderas, Bruce Willis and since 2013, Neymar Jr.

The Brazilian football player has been the global brand ambassador since 2014. The rising star on and off the field follows the footsteps of his predecessors leading Police into a new era of style and substance. Neymar’s idol status appeals to both men and women of all ages. His embodiment of the Police brand spirit has made the Italian premium lifestyle company a force to be reckoned with. Neymar Jr. will be the face of Police for two more years.

See the world with new lenses now

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