Japanese skin care brand, Pola, may not be as well-known as its bigger competitors. However, the brand still carries effective skin care products that will solve all your problems and concerns. Pola Cosmetics carry various high-quality skin care series that you can read about below.


Essential Skin Care Series You Need to Have from Pola Cosmetics Malaysia

Founded in 1929 by Japanese businessman Shinobu Suzuki, Pola Cosmetics first began offering cream facial wash which was uncommon at the time as people favor bar soaps more. Since its humble beginnings, Pola Cosmetics have utilized advanced technology and innovations as well as the finest naturally-sourced ingredients to bring you the best skin care products.

Pola Cosmetics Malaysia carries a wide array of skin care ranges but you only need to have several products to build your own daily Pola skin care regimen. The products include the D 0 Detox & Defense, Estina Alvita, Polissima, and Sakura Veil.

Pola Cosmetics D – Detox & Defense

The “D” collection from Pola Cosmetics focuses on the effects of aging including sagging skin, fine lines, enlarged pores, and dull complexion. The products from this Pola Cosmetics skin care series contain natural botanical ingredients to help repair the skin and prevent further damage caused by aging. The products also contain Golden Neem, an original extract made by Pola Cosmetics sourced from the neem tree grown in India. This extract helps remove MMP1, an enzyme that breaks down and slows down collagen production.

Pola Cosmetics Estina Alvita

The Pola Cosmetics Estina Alvita is also another skin care series from the brand that targets aging signs. It works by using three natural ingredients that can fight against free radicals while promoting healthy blood circulation in order to jumpstart the anti-aging process. These three natural botanical ingredients contained in the Pola Cosmetics Estina Alvita products works through antioxidation, blood circulation, and moisturization. In turn, any redness, irritation, dullness, and sensitivity will be significantly reduced.

Pola Cosmetics Polissima

More subtle than the “D” skin care series yet more potent than the Estina Alvita, the Pola Cosmetics Polissima skin care collection targets fine lines and sagging skin using ginseng extract. The ginseng extract is able to speed up cell regeneration as well as the body’s metabolic rate. It protects the skin from radical damage and keeps the skin nourished, soft, firm, and supple. The Pola Cosmetics Polissima collection includes cleansing cream, toning lotion, moisture milk, and cleansing foam.

Pola Cosmetics Sakura Veil

Quite different from the previous three skin care ranges, the Pola Cosmetics Sakura Veil is geared towards teenagers to those in their mid-20s. The products from this line, however, still helps prevent the skin from showing signs of aging. The sakura flower extracts used in this Pola Cosmetics skin care collection has been proven to reduce inflammation and restore the skin’s glow. Aside from the sakura flower extract, the products also contain green tea extract that is rich in vitamin C and antioxidant and rice bran to help lock in moisture deep within the skin.

Don’t forget to pair these Pola Cosmetics skin care products with cosmetics, hair care, and body care products from the brand.