Since its establishment, Poh Kong has emerged as the largest jewellery retail chain store in Malaysia. Shop their exquisite designs from 916 gold bars to diamond wedding rings to bracelets. Known for their meticulous craftsmanship, Poh Kong is also widely regarded for having competitive prices without compromising quality. With Poh Kong jewellery collection, you can never go wrong.


A Guide to Selecting the Right Jewellery with Poh Kong Malaysia

Poh Kong boasts a graceful collection of jewellery pieces that deliver outstanding quality, style, and value. Thanks to its huge collection, it certainly contains everything which suits every budget and taste. However, it is easy to be spoiled for choices because there are lots of different styles, shapes, and designs for men and women. For a start, you should consider the gorgeous Poh Kong jewellery pieces that complement your height and figure. Here are top tips that help you to choose the right Poh Kong jewellery without having the extra headache.

About Poh Kong Malaysia

Since its inception in 1976, Poh Kong opened its very first outlet in Petaling Jaya. Today, the company continues to be one of the top jewellery stores in the industry which enjoys tremendous growth. Since 2004, Poh Kong is listed on Bursa Malaysia which has driven the company to even more success. In 2011, Poh Kong reached its 100th outlet as well as having its own manufacturing facility in Shah Alam. Consequently, this earns them the title of Malaysia’s largest jewellery retail chain store.

Why should you purchase from Poh Kong Malaysia?

Offering customers jewellery of scrupulous craftsmanship, Poh Kong’s passion in the business and its dedication to providing fine jewellery of top-notch quality and international standards have always played a pivotal role. For quality assurance, Poh Kong ensures that stringent measures are constantly undertaken without compromising design excellence. Poh Kong jewellery has been created with superior quality and meticulous craftsmanship. With a passion to deliver refined designs, Poh Kong brings its craftsmanship to the next level.

Expanding with Strength & Grace

Putting its knowledge and expertise in the jewellery business to good use, Poh Kong has created several in-house brands under its belts, such as Tranz, Happy Love, Anggun and The Art of Auspicious Jewellery. Tranz is the first designer of gold jewellery in 22K gold and it enhances the appeal of gold jewellery through its modern yet classy designs. As for Happy Love, it boasts a selection of elegant oriental gold jewellery, while Anggun features Asian-inspired designs.

Earrings that Match Your Face Shape

When it comes to earrings, they can work towards or against the shape of your face. Specific earring styles can be used effectively to de-emphasize or tone down flaws in the shape of your face. Thankfully, Poh Kong offers a variety of gold earrings in different shapes and sizes. Regarding face shapes, among them include round, rectangle, square, oval, or heart-shaped. These face shapes will determine the selection of your earrings. In short, the right earrings that match well with your face can transform your overall appearance dramatically.

If you have an oval-shaped face, you can never go wrong with any earring styles. For those that have round faces, you should stay away from big button style earrings or hoops. This is because these earring styles tend to emphasize the fullness of your face. Instead, you should opt for square-shaped or rectangular-shaped earrings as well as long earrings because all of them will elongate your face.

People with heart-shaped faces are thinner by the chin. This is when you should choose the earring style that can widen out your chin. Among highly recommended earring styles include chandelier and triangular shapes which are wider at the bottom. If your face is rectangular-shaped or long, you must avoid long dangling earring styles because they will elongate your face awkwardly. Smaller studs are the perfect earring choice that matches well with your face shape.

Necklaces that Complement Your Entire Look

Like other fashion accessories, the necklaces are able to change viewers' perception of your height. When you want to achieve the perception that you are taller, you should pick up longer necklaces. While a V-shaped or Y-shaped necklace can elongate your overall appearance, you must be careful that it should not go past your waist level. The shape, length, and style of these necklaces will match well with your torso and you will look taller as a result. For those that are tall and want attention away from your height, the general rule is to pick up necklaces that are short (either 16 or 18 inches). In addition, you can consider using chokers because they work well to make you look shorter.

In the selection of necklaces, you also want to think about the volume or chunkiness of the necklace. As an example, a full-figured or large-boned woman will need to choose a necklace that has a little bit of volume. In other words, you should get a thought link or chunky stones. If you are petite, it is obvious that large jewellery will not look good on you because it can make you look less desirable. At the same time, the larger jewellery piece definitely makes you look out of proportion and weird. The delicate jewellery is your best choice that matches well with your petite figure. Once you wear a suitably delicate necklace, you will be surprised at how it compliments your look completely.

Ideal Bracelets & Rings for your hands

Most people do not expect that bracelets and rings are important accessories that exude significant influence and effect than they may think. As such, it is vital to select bracelets and rings which complement both your hands and face.

When it comes to choosing a ring, it is highly recommended that you think about the shape of your finger first. When you do not want your finger to look short, you should avoid choosing large ring sizes and designs. A small and delicate ring will make your finger look longer, slimmer, and thinner. According to fashion experts, the rings with oval settings are able to elongate your fingers. For those that have long fingers, around setting and wide band of ring design should be your ideal choice because it matches with the fingers.

Less is More

One of the worst things you can do when choosing jewellery is to have far too much bling or a poor mix of balance. Furthermore, putting the emphasis on a single aspect of your jewellery takes away from the overall effect of your accessories as well as your dress or hair. Whenever it is possible, it is always the better choice to pick up a subtle jewellery design because you do not look either too gaudy or try too hard to impress.

Poh Kong Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Poh Kong gold bar?

The price of a Poh Kong gold bar depends on its size in Malaysia. The Poh Kong price for gold bars also depends on the gold price of the day. As gold is considered one of the most valuable assets that you can invest in, the price would often change, if not daily.

What Poh Kong jewellery can I gift to my loved one?

When planning to gift Poh Kong jewellery to your loved ones, first decide on what they like in an accessory. It might be helpful to find gifts that are age-appropriate as well. For a significant other, you can opt for a ring or a necklace. For mothers and older relatives, a bracelet is appropriate as well. For younger relatives, try earrings or necklaces with a playful design like the products from the Disney or Miss Petite collection. To make your gift even more special, utilize Poh Kong’s engraving service to write a heartfelt message on your gift.

Where is Poh Kong from?

Poh Kong is a jewellery brand from Malaysia. It was established in 1976 in Petaling Jaya. Aside from the umbrella brand, Poh Kong also has in-house brands like Tranz, Anggun, Happy Love, and the Art of Auspicious Jewellery.

Who owns Poh Kong?

Poh Kong Sdn Bhd was co-founded in 1976 by Dato' Choon Yee Seong, Poh Kong Holdings Berhad's Executive Chairman & Group Managing Director. Since its inception in 1976, Poh Kong has become one of the leading brands and outlets to procure gold jewellery and accessories.

Can I sell my gold to Poh Kong?

If you have old gold pieces you want to get rid of, you can visit a Poh Kong outlet and inquire about their trade-in program. While you won’t be getting any cash for your old gold, you can trade it in for new pieces that are worth more than the one you own now.

What other services does Poh Kong offer?

Aside from the trade-in service, Poh Kong also offers customization, appraisal, cleaning, engraving, polishing, resizing, repair, ear piercing, and nose piercing.

Are Poh Kong products made of real gold?

Yes, Poh Kong products are made of real gold.