Pocoyo is a Spanish-British animated television series that is aimed at pre-school children. Click here to learn more about this 3D cartoon.

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Learning about Life with Pocoyo Malaysia

Pocoyo Malaysia: Best Cartoon for Pre-Schoolers

Pocoyo is an animated television series that was created specifically for pre-schoolers. The television series is available in both English and Spanish, with English actor and comedian Stephen Fry narrating the English version while José María del Río narrated the Castilian Spanish version of the series. Each episode of the series runs for about seven minutes. So far the English version of the series has a total of 3 seasons; each season consists of 52 episodes. The animated television series first started in 2004 and ended in 2010 (for the English version). Pocoyo first appeared in Spain and the UK. Due to the popularity and simplicity of the series, broadcasters from around the globe decided to broadcast the show in other countries across the globe.

Enter the World of Pocoyo Malaysia

Pocoyo is an animated television series that revolves around a four year old boy named Pocoyo and his many adventures with his friends. Each episode revolves around a problem and shows how Pocoyo and his friends work to fix the problem.

Here is a closer look at some of the characters of Pocoyo:

The titular character of the series, Pocoyo is a four year old human boy. As he is a young child, he can be very childish at times. He has the tendency to throw tantrums and doesn’t know much (after all, he isn’t born a genius). As he is innocent in the ways of the world, Pocoyo displays a willingness to learn new things. While he can be irrational and prone to anger, he is shown to be affectionate and caring towards others. Pocoyo is frequently seen wearing a blue three-flap hat as well as a blue zipped onesie.
He is one of Pocoyo’s best friends and has known the little boy for quite some time. Pato is a yellow duck with small wings for hands. He is very friendly and can be found watering his garden or other plants. He is seven years old and is shown to be very calm. He is usually very nice, but when he is placed in a tough spot, he can become stubborn, demanding and/or greedy. While he appears to be as cool as a cucumber, this is often acts as a way to cover up his insecurity. Pato is frequently seen wearing a green hat on his head.
Another of Pocoyo’s friends, she is a pink elephant that is easily misunderstood because of her size. Some are intimidated by Elly’s size, but it is shown that she is very sweet. While she is very graceful and gentle, she can be rough when the situation calls for it. She generally loves to do things her own way, but when someone is in a pinch, she will never hesitate to lend a hand or even give a great big hug. Elly is frequently seen carrying a blue backpack wherever she goes. Though, there are times when she would dress up in ballerina outfits or put on accessories.
She is Pocoyo’s pet puppy. Unlike the other characters, Loula is strictly just a dog, (i.e.: nothing anthropomorphic about her). She is always ready to play and loves making Pocoyo giggle. Both she and Pocoyo adore each other and have a very close bond.
Sleepy Bird
As her name suggests, she does little but sleep. There have even been times when she flies with her eyes closed. She is a teal colored bird that can be active from time to time, but is mostly found either sleeping or snoozing.

    Learning Interpersonal Skills and So Much More with Pocoyo Malaysia

    Pocoyo is a 3D-animated television series that would appeal to the curiosity and imagination of any preschooler. While its lead character, four year old boy Pocoyo, does have negative traits, this is something that can be quite common among children of this age group. These traits (and how Pocoyo learns to overcome his short comings) can help to teach the children on how to develop interpersonal skills as well as problem solving skills.

    Making a Change for Climate Change with Pocoyo Malaysia

    Since the year 2010, Pocoyo and his friends were chosen as “Kids Ambassadors” for Earth Hour. They have been used as a way to raise awareness of the environmental issues on the planet among the future generation. This year, Pocoyo and his friends are working to help change climate change with Earth Hour. In fact, Pocoyo, Pato and Elly would each be heading a different goal of their own:

    Beacon for Sunderbans
    Headed by Pocoyo, this project aims to raise funds to provide solar-powered electricity to 1000 homes in a rural community in India, named the Sunderbans. This project is done in collaboration with WWF India and hopes to provide clean, safe as well as affordable energy methods for the 40000 people living in that area.
    Let Sea Turtles Off the Hook
    A collaboration between WWF Colombia and Pato (a yellow duck who is Pocoyo’s best friend), the project aims to buy circle hooks as well as train fishing families of a fishing village in Columbia on how to use these hooks. Why these hooks? Well, it has been proven that the hooks are more effective in catching larger fish while also preventing any sea turtles from being harmed.
    Be the Eye of the Tiger
    Headed by Elly the pink elephant, this project aims to save tigers in Sumatra, whose lives are threatened by poaching and deforestation. The project aims to put cameras in the forest to keep the tigers safe.

      Role Model for Young Children

      If you have a young child at home, then introduce him/her to the world of Pocoyo with these lovely products from the popular 3D animated television series. Let your child learn of the world through the eyes of Pocoyo that will help him/her develop the proper skills that will come in handy once he/she heads on off to school.