PlayStation is a brand of video gaming and also a series of video game consoles that Is created and owned by Sony's subsidiary, Sony Interactive Entertainment. PlayStation was first introduced to the world in Japan at the end of 1994 with the launching of the first original PlayStation video game console.

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PlayStation Malaysia – Console Gaming, Revolutionized

Origins of the PlayStation

The first PlayStation video game console is the first video game console in the world to ship over a hundred million units throughout the nine years and six months after it was released to the world. Following it was the best selling video game console in the world, the PlayStation 2 at over 155 million units sold until the end of 2012.

Ken Kutaragi is the man responsible behind the PlayStation gaming brand we have come to know today – he is fondly called "The Father of the PlayStation".

The first PlayStation console actually stems from 1988 when Sony and long-time console maker Nintendo collaborated to create the Super Famicom console with a CD drive. Unable to come to certain agreements with Sony lead to Nintendo cancelling the deal and proceeding without Sony. This deal-breaker opted for Sony to appoint Ken Kutaragi to develop the PlayStation as competition to Nintendo.

Many years of negotiations and developments eventually led to the first PlayStation console being presented to game developers and publishers, prompting several of them such as Bandai Namco Games and Electronic Arts to become long term partners and release exclusive games.

PlayStation Consoles Malaysia

A total of four different generations of PlayStation home video game consoles have been made – each one having its own subsequent redesign and refresh to provide minor upgrades to hardware specifications and also to its design. Each home console is typically bundled with a single controller, special and limited editions usually included a video game and other game merchandises.


  • PSone

PlayStation 2

  • PlayStation 2 Slim

PlayStation 3

  • PlayStation 3 Slim
  • PlayStation 3Super Slim

PlayStation 4

  • For handhelds, only two portable handheld consoles were released, the PlayStation Portable and the PlayStation Vita. Both also has had hardware revisions through their lifespans. The handhelds were generally sold in more color variants than its home console counterparts.

PlayStation Portable (PSP-1000)

  • PSP-2000
  • PSP-3000
  • PSP Go
  • PSP-E1000

PlayStation Vita

  • PlayStation Vita Slim

The original PlayStation

The first PlayStation console was release at the end of 1994, and is the most iconic PlayStation ever made, featuring the traditional grey that was common on most electronics back then and also features the colorful PlayStation logo. The first PlayStation is a square box with a CD drive centered in the middle, and it also comes with the first PlayStation controller, although it was later updated to the DualShock with two analog sticks, which would become a standard onwards.

The hardware revision of the PlayStation console is named the PSone and is a rounded and more compact form factor of the original console, and also came in white instead of the classic grey. The PSone outsold its predecessor and other consoles during its release.

PlayStation 2

The PlayStation 2 was released in the year of 2000. Although its released was much further behind its competitors, the Xbox and the GameCube, the PlayStation 2 still outsold them and became the world's best selling console at over 155 million units sold.

The design of the PlayStation 2 is a large departure from the original PlayStation, becoming a long (or tall) rectangle box that is released primarily in black (other colors were limited runs or specials). It had the capability to stand vertically as well. The PlayStation 2 is significantly more powerful than its predecessor, providing superior 3D gaming and audio output to television sets – it also included networking features. The Slim redesign kept the same hardware and outline, but at a much slimmer profile. It stopped production only in 2013, being in production for over 13 years - even during the lifespan of the PlayStation 3.

PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 is the first PlayStation console to utilize motion-sensing technology through its DualShock 3 controller with Sixaxis capabilities – taking the motion from the controller as game input. It features a Blu-ray Disc player with HD resolution output (720p). Hard drive storage also appears for the first time, with initial capacities of a measly 20GB to a massive 500GB drive.

Doing away with sharp and squared looks, the PlayStation 3 opts for a more rounded and curve top and flat sides (or curve sides and flat bottom and tops depending on physical orientation). The PlayStation 3 also saw two redesigns and refreshes in the form of the PlayStation 3 Slim and the PlayStation Super Slim – they both had different designs and revisions, but were improvements over the original by having lower power requirements, runs much quieter, and has better cooling systems.

PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 is Sony's latest home video game console and is the most powerful one to date. The PlayStation 4 is shaped as a parallelogram that is best described as an elegant monolith. Its strong and angular design is as powerful as its hardware. The PlayStation 4 utilizes the one of the most powerful AMD APU chipsets made and provides a gaming experience that is unmatched by many of its competitors. The console also comes with a user-replaceable 500GB or 1TB hard drive.

The Dualshock controller is redesigned to be slightly wider and more ergonomic. It does away with the Start and Select buttons, instead including a "Share" and "Option" button in its place instead. A touchpad is also centered on the controller for interaction within games and

PlayStation Portable

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) is Sony's take at the portable handheld gaming console market that has always been in control by competitor Nintendo. Its first launch model has superior specifications to the competing Nintendo DS. The PSP allowed gamers to play "true" console-quality games on the go at all times, and it also doubled as a video player and all-around mobile entertainment device. Its subsequent refreshes gave it improvements in hardware and specifications.

PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita (PSV) is the successor to the PSP, and featured very modernized hardware that is commonly found on smartphones such as touchscreens and built-in rear and front cameras. The PSV also brings two true-analog sticks to handheld consoles, in comparison to only having sliders such as on the Nintendo 3DS and the previous PSP. A touchscreen and rear touchpad is also included to interact with the navigation and gaming capabilities. The PSV is also considerably more powerful than its competitor, with better graphical performance.

The PlayStation brand is one that changed and revolutionized the gaming industry – there may have been consoles before it, but the PlayStation series made console gaming all the more popular.