With a simple sign in, you can experience all the options Pixajoy Malaysia can offer. You can pick, upload, and design to create your very own personalized stationery. Read the guide here to find out more.

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Pixajoy Malaysia Photobook Design Guide

This Malaysian printing company specializes on personalized stationeries that you could design on your own. Compared to the traditional photo albums and other products, a personalized photobook can leave a long-lasting impression on you and your loved ones. A photobook that you’ve given thought and time to design can hold more value than the run-of-the-mill traditional photo album.

Pixajoy photobook vs. traditional photo album

The difference between a traditional photo album and a Pixajoy photobook comes down to the design, pictures, and cost. With Pixajoy, you can design your own layouts and include as many pictures as you desire. Traditional photo books, however, require you to print your photos before inserting them into the album and it often has limited space so you won’t be able to fit a lot of pictures. Printing and buying the pictures and the album separately will cost you more compared to creating a personalized photobook. Pixajoy Malaysia will only ask you to pay for the project based on the types and dimensions and the shipping fee.

What you can design with Pixajoy

Pixajoy may be widely known for their photobooks, but you can also create other stationeries with their editing software. You can create photo keychains, personalized name cards, children’s book, story tag cards, personalized sticker, wall art gallery, calendars, bookmark, poster, postcard, invite cards, playing card deck, and the traditional photo prints. All these products can be customized by adding your own family pictures, embellishing it with a monogram, and creating your own layout so all your memories can fit inside the Pixajoy stationery.

Different types of Pixajoy editor

Now that it’s been established what kind of stationeries you can create with Pixajoy Malaysia, it’s time to go down to the nitty gritty of the editing application. The free software is available in two main forms: offline and online. You can download and install the offline application for your Windows or Apple computers. If you’d rather edit online, the application can be opened on browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. For editing on-the-go, there is a mobile app available for Android smartphones on the Google Play Store.

Another type of Pixajoy editor is the quick and smart Fox Editor. This software can be used on any of the platforms mentioned above and with any devices, including iOS gadgets. The only difference between the Fox Editor and the basic Pixajoy software is that the former allows quicker and faster editing; you can finish a project in 30 minutes anytime, anywhere. The latter offers more features and editing tools while the former is simpler, designed for people who wants to finish the project in an instant.

How to design with the Pixajoy editor

No matter which editing software you prefer, the first thing you need to do is determine the type of stationary you want to create and choose the template for it. The Pixajoy photobook theme templates are free and you would only have to pay after you’ve finished designing. Select your project dimensions, like size and number of pages, name your project, and you can start designing right away. There are a number of cover and background options in various colors that you can choose from, depending on the material you want your photobook to be made with. Generally, all your covers will be laminated to protect it from any spills and stains.

What you should do next is to upload all your pictures. There are no limits as to how many you can upload but you might have to pay extra for the additional photobook pages. With the Pixajoy editor, you can move objects anywhere and freely crop them. To the pictures, you can add frames, clip arts, and even overlay your photos on one another. After you’ve completed your project, you can either save them as a draft or proceed to payment.

Before confirming your order, Pixajoy Malaysia would ask you to do a flight check to ensure there aren’t errors in your photobook design. Things like overflowing text, missing font, empty page or text box, low-quality pictures, and missing background need to be fixed before completing your transaction. Any errors that you haven’t solved means you won’t be able to place your orders. After payment, you can upload your project directly on the Pixajoy website or through third party uploading sites.

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