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PIBAMY SET ( sunscreen & soothing watergel ) 夏日美人套装SPF35 PA+++
RM 2.60 RM 25.90

Exp: 2019.04.22 PIBAMY SET ( sunscreen & soothing water gel ) 夏日美人套装 SPF35 PA+++ —Ya Sheng sunscreen (sense of ice translucent ) 70ml 雅升防晒霜 (水感透亮) 70ml Efficacy:the quality of light,breathable,waterproof,anti sweat,easy extension,does not block the pores,through massage gently daub,can make the product evenly covered on the surface of the skin,gentle and meticulous care of skin,keep skin water embellish state,while protecting the skin,enhance the brightness value of SPF35 sunscreen,effective length allows you to enjoy the summer beauty show ! 功效:本产品质地轻薄,透气,防水防汗,易于延展,不阻塞毛孔。通过轻轻按摩涂抹,能让产品均匀覆盖在皮肤表面,温柔细致地呵护肌肤,维持肌肤的水润状态,同时保护肤色,提升亮泽度;SPF35防晒值,有效防晒时长,让您尽情展露夏日美肌 ! —Pure ice after sun soothing water gel 50ml 冰纯晒后舒缓水凝露 50ml Efficacy:fresh and delicate,not greasy,easily absorbed by the skin,can effectively relieve the sun dry,tight skin,care of sun damaged skin.A variety of whitening moisturizing plant extracts,can effectively complement the skin after sun exposure, loss of moisture,whitening brightens the skin,leave skin whitening moisture. 功效:触感清爽细腻,不油腻,容易被肌肤吸收,能有效舒缓晒后干燥,紧绷的肌肤,呵护晒后受损的肌肤,多种皙白补水植物精华,能有效补充肌肤日晒后流失的水分,焕白提亮肤色,让肌肤回复皙白水嫩。 #sunscreen #watergel #spf35 #sunblock #skincare#waterproof#whitening #offer #promotion #discount #夏日 #防晒 #晒后舒缓 #豆乳 #大豆 #折扣#促销#pibamy

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