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Grab the Best Power Banks in Malaysia

In this era of smartphones, wearable technology, and digital cameras, battery life plays a crucial role in each gadget. While almost everyone today has access to electricity, it can still be a hassle to find an outlet on the go. When travelling, driving, taking the bus home or to the office, keep your gadgets charged and ready for use with power banks!

What are Power Banks?

Basically, power banks are gadget accessories that serves as your backup power whenever needed. Think of it as a spare battery to charge your phone or any other gadget, except they charge through a USB cable. Power banks come in many shapes and sizes but what makes it unique is how much power it can carry measured in mAh or milliampere-hour. The higher the number, the more power it can store.

Reasons to have a Power Bank

There are many reasons why you should own a power bank. If you are an avid phone, tablet, or camera user, a power bank is definitely a necessity. Whether playing games or shifting from different work apps, your phone/gadget will eventually need to be charged. Power banks are also essential for many travellers, especially when no power outlets are available in the vicinity. Keep your phone and other gadgets charged with the best power bank in Malaysia!

The Best Power Bank Brands

Huge tech companies today like Samsung, Xiaomi, ASUS, and TP-link all have their line of powerbanks. However, there are also other power bank brands worth checking such as RAVPower, ADATA, Targus, and Lenovo. Shop for the best power banks in iPrice!

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Handy and convenient, these are watchwords of your faithful power banks. Read more about how to get the best power banks below to find out.

Romoss Solo 5 PLUS 10000MAH Power Bank (with Fast Charging), Dual USB Port     Long-lasting power supply, charge up iphone about 5times. Built in leading FitCharge Technology, it is perfectly compatible with a variety of smartphones, tablets, MP3s, MP4s, and other mobile devices. FtiCharge Technology can automatically detect the input current demand of different devices and their specific charging needs for improved compatibility. With the superb circuit design inside, its power conversation rate is higher the 85%, it outputs 10% more of actual power into mobile device than ordinary power bank with the same capacity. Ease your charging emergency, It can be charge and charge your device at the same time, never worry about a situation that both of your power bank and device are out of power. Built in 2.1A output enables to charge your device faster than before. It combine with protective system to let go of your safety worries while fast charging. it only take 6.5 hours to charge it self fully. Engineered with the multi-protective circuit design, it acts as a safeguard to give a better-than-ever protection for your mobile devices in all around ways reassuring you a satisfied and safe charging experience. it automatically turn off while its not use for 60 seconds. it features exclusive PC + ABS body with and elegant white finish that looks luxurious and feels great in your palm. the seamlessly splicing design and a scratch-resistant finish always keep it beautiful as new. Charge two hungry devices at the same time with dual-output, experiencing the better than ever portability and charging efficiency. Four built in LED indicator.      Read more
Prices updated on 21 Jun 2017

Pro Tips in Getting the Best Power Banks

While you can get the best smartphone with the money you can buy, you will not be able to enjoy its performance forever without getting additional battery power. Not just that, you definitely will enjoy peace of mind when you can carry these backups around. Of course, power banks are the heroes that we truly need and deserve at all times.

Solid Form Factor

Another essential element in choosing your power bank is its design. Most people will find the compact design to be more preferable because it makes it easier for you to carry it around without weighing you down. Not only that, it is even possible to enjoy bigger battery capacity in a smaller design.

Recommended: Xiaomi 10,000mAh Power Bank

Smarter Choice

These days, power banks are probably smarter that you can think since they now can recognize the types of devices that you connect to them. Thanks to such helpful feature, you will be able to maximize your charging output within minimal time since your power bank can calculate and decide the best output for different devices.

Recommended: Anker PowerCore 10000

Energy Efficiency

Despite the fact that there is no power bank that can offer 100% energy-efficient, the best power banks in the market actually offer around 90%. Obviously, the higher level of energy efficiency means that you do not waste power when charging your smartphones (high energy conversion rate). At the same time, it makes your power bank to last longer than usual.

Recommended: ZiLu Smart Power Basic

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