Landline phones are the original telephones before the smartphone and mobile phone ages. They are still in use at many homes and businesses today as they are very reliable to use. These landline phones also work when there has been an electricity outage (depending on the model of the phone as some require power such as cordless landline phones).

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Landline Phones

The original telephone

Before this current age of all the great super powered smartphones and mobile devices, there was the good old trusty landline telephone that sat in our homes. All of us has had the experience of heading home just to make a phone call to our friends or family, the excitement that we could speak with another person on the other side of town or across the country was quite unexplainable. These landline telephones also gave us the ability to "spy" on an ongoing call by picking up the receiver of another landline phone in the same house – many fun were had with these phones.

The Magic of being able to talk to someone far away

Although seemingly so fantastic, the landline phone is perhaps one of the simplest device in our homes, but as it goes, simple seems to work best. Landline phones have been using the same technology and connection via cables since it was modernized. This happens through the use of these telecommunication lines which span across nations all over the globe, allowing us to send our voice over and receiver other's voice instantaneously.

Did you know that the first models of landline phones could have the caller hear their own voice in a phone call? This would be annoying and thus later landline models would have a feature called the duplex coil that can block the caller's voice from being sent back.

Throughout the years landline phones have evolved to bring a little more excitement and convenience to them. It all began with the rotary landline phones where you had to stick your finger in and rotate, and also the coiled cables – all this evolved to newer and better landline phones. Today we have got cordless and wireless landline phones and there are also novelty landline phones just for a touch of personality in your living room.

Basic Landline Phones

Wired landline phones (both the receiver and the phone itself) that can be placed only as far as the cable from the wall can go – or hang it up on the wall. Older landline phones had nothing but a number pad where you keyed in the telephone numbers of others, later on it would have a little more electronic features such as a small display for caller ID and buttons to allow for call redirection.

Cordless or Wireless Landline Phones

Only the phone is wireless as the receiver has to stay plugged in to both power and a telephone cable. It also has all the features of a basic landline cable, with the exception that most of the features are in the phone portion such as a display to see caller IDs and also the ability to save phone numbers and speed dials.

Novelty Landline Phones

These aren't so much for function as they are for the looks. Throughout the years there has been many forms of these novelty phones in many amusing designs such as a pair of red hot lips, or even a telephone booth!

Brands of Landline Phones

Several brands of landline phones are still widely in use today such as Motorola and NEC.