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If you are looking for high-quality electronic gadgets and devices, then look no further than Philips Malaysia. Philips offers a wide variety of electronic accessories for your everyday needs. Known for manufacturing top-notch electronics such as kitchen appliances, personal care electronics, and even household products, Philips leads the way in world-class innovations. Find out more about Philips Malaysia below.

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Philips HR7628
RM 269.99 RM 399.00

Philips Daily Collection Food processor HR7628/00, 2.2 L, Beige, Transparent, Lid & bowl detection, mechanical 1.5 sec brake, 1 m, ABS synthetics, 650 W

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Philips HD7762
RM 768.20

Philips Grind & Brew Coffee maker HD7762/00, Freestanding, Drip coffee maker, Coffee beans, Built-in grinder, 1000 W, Black, Metallic

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Philips HP8602
RM 94.00 RM 380.00

Philips Curler HP8602/00

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Philips SHE3205 3 Stores
Philips In-ear Headphone She3205Bk Rich bass, clear sound Designed for optimal fit and comfort, the She3205 earphones feature 14.2mm drivers and bass vent for rich bass & clear sound. Built-in mic let you easily switch between music & calls. 14.2mm speaker drivers for rich bass and clear sound Quality 14.2mm speaker drivers with neodymium magnet delivers rich bass and clear sound. Built-in microphone switches you from music to phone calls The built-in microphone lets you easily switch from music listening to taking phone calls - easily, so you’ll always stay connected with what matter most to you. Flexi-Grip design for durability Flexi-Grip design for durability Flexi-Grip design for durability A soft, flexible part connecting the housing and the cable, protects the cable connection from damage even if bended heavily. Neodymium magnets enhance bass performance Neodymium is the best material for producing a strong magnetic field for greater sensitivity in a voice coil, providing a better bass response and higher overall sound quality. Designed for ear geometry comfort fit The design is based on ear geometry for comfortable wear and snug fit for everyone. Acoustic system : open Magnet type : Neodymium Impedance : 32 ohm Maximum power input : 30 mW Sensitivity : 107 dB Speaker diameter : 14.2 mm Frequency response : 8 - 24 000 Hz Model : Philips In-ear Headphone SHE3205BK(Black) / SHE3205WT(White) / SHE3205BL(Blue) Package include : 1 x Philips In-ear Headphone SHE3205BK(Black) / SHE3205WT(White) / SHE3205BL(Blue) Dimension (cm) : W5 X H17.3 X D2.7 Product Weight (kg) : 0.1 Warranty : 1 year Local Manufacturer Warranty Color : Black. Blue, White Read more
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Philips Tornado Bulb
RM 22.00 RM 37.00

These Products from Philips Malaysia will Brighten up your Home

Technology is all about making our lives easier, which is why we are always surrounded by high-tech products no matter where we are. One of the brands that incorporated cutting-edge technologies in its products is Philips. For more than a century, Philips has been dedicated to manufacturing innovative gadgets and appliances for its global consumers.

Philips Malaysia provides a wide selection of products that range across several categories including audio and visual systems, personal care items, lighting products, and many more. Philips’ products are known to be innovative and easy to use, thus making them welcomed additions to any household. Below are the categories of products manufactured by Philips Malaysia:

Audio and Video Devices

If you are planning to transform your living room into a home theatre, Philips is a brand that you should look out for as the brand has all the essentials you require. Philips offers a wide selection of Ultra HD televisions that gives four times the resolution of a Full-HD TV. These televisions ensure you can get cinema-quality visual experience in the comfort of your own living room, offering astounding levels of clarity, realism, and vibrancy. These televisions are made from the highest quality materials, featuring European craftsman that complements the interior of your home.

Another unique feature that comes with Philips televisions is the Ambilight that enables the surrounding walls to glow with the colour, vibrancy, and excitement seen on the TV screen, adding to the ambiance of your home cinema. For a full-fledged home theatre, the audio quality should match the visual quality provided by the televisions as well. Philips has audio devices that offer sound quality to complete your home entertainment systems. With Philips products in your living room, you might not want to leave the house anymore.

Personal Care Products

Although we might have hectic schedules, we should not neglect our outer appearance. With Philips, taking care of your physical appearance is not complicated. Philips has a wide selection of electronic personal care products that you can use to upkeep how you look. They enable you to quickly spruce up every morning right before you go to work. From shavers to hair clippers to body groomers, Philips makes sure you always look your best. Amongst its most popular personal care products is the electric shaver. A symbol of hygiene and style, Philips electric shavers are sleek and suave, making any man look professional and sophisticated. Suitable as a birthday gift or as a thank-you gift, these shavers make the perfect present for any man in your life.

Home Appliances

Philips also has a flurry of innovative home appliances in its extensive inventory for you to use at home. From kitchenware that assists you in preparing and cooking your meals to vacuum cleaners to help you clean your home effectively, Philips home appliances bring convenience and practicality to your everyday life. Furthermore, Philips also manufactures air purifiers that eliminates any impurities in the air so that you and your loved ones can breathe in fresh air at home.

Lighting Products

Philips is also responsible for illuminating your home and offices. Philips light bulbs not only provide enough light to illuminate any space, but they are also equipped with cutting-edge technologies that enable them to be more energy-efficient which helps you save money in the long run.

Tech Products

Although Philips do not produce their own smartphones, the brand still managed to create a name for itself in the tech industry. Philips manufactures monitors that can accommodate your computer systems with. Offering immersive display and accurate colour representation, these monitors are great for graphic-demanding tasks such as gaming, movie-watching, and photo- and video-editing. If you are looking for storage devices, Philips offers them in the form of microSD cards and USB flash drives.

Mother and Childcare Products

Although Philips is best known for its electronic products, the brand also has a variety of childcare products. Understanding the needs of mothers and parents, Philips produces baby products with quality and convenience that every Malaysian mother can appreciate including baby bottles, bottle warmers, food makers, and breast pumps.

With quality and convenience you can rely on, Philips Malaysia is a brand that you should consider when it comes to any electronics.