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Don't forget to find the best Dog Treats in Malaysia with discounts up to 74% off! Today, many people love the [Free Shipping] Dog Food 15Kg - ( Chunkbits ) 22 , 25 , 27, 30 Free Leehigh Dog Treats Randomly X2, Kitomo Real Meat Snack 100G/150G -Pet Treats - Dog Treats-Training Snack-, Kitomo Real Meat Snack 150G (Chicken , Carrot , Lamb , Fish&Cheese , Spinach and Fish&Vege) - Dog Treats / Dog Snack when it comes to Dog Treats.  You can also get trendy Dog Treats from other brands in Malaysia like Doggyman, Wanpy and Agogo. You can buy Dog Treats for a cheap price of RM 8.00 to as high as RM 1,299.00. Dog Treats is available in several colors such as Yellow, White and Red.