Cats are one of the most common pets found amongst Filipinos. Cats make good pets because they are independent and easy to take care of. One of the best ways for cat owners to spend time with their beloved felines is with toys. Selecting the right toys for your cat can be a difficult task. Find out useful tips to apply when choosing toys for your cat below.


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News about Cat Toys

Busy Cat Owners: Here’s 4 Purrfect Kibbles for your Feline

28 September 2017

Cats are rather independent. But when it comes to feeding them, it can be a little tricky particularly if you are a busy bee.

Cats are rather independent. But when it comes to feeding them, it can be a little tricky particularly if you are a busy bee.

How to Choose the Best Cat Toys Malaysia for Your Pet

Having a hard time choosing the right toys for your cat? With so many options available, searching for toys for your cat in your favourite pet supply store or online can be extremely confusing. Cat toys not only keep your pets active, playtime also gives them much-needed bonding time with you. While playing, your cat’s natural predatory behaviour is also stimulated such as stalking and pouncing actions. These tips below recommend some criteria that you can consider to assist you in your decision-making for your next cat toy.


Some owners spend too much money on toys for their cats only to find out eventually that their cats are not interested in them. Truthfully, you do not have to spend a fortune to keep your cat entertained. Cats prefer toys that they can push and move around easily, hence simple and affordable toys that can move such as balls of yarn, ribbons, and toy mice are sufficient to keep your cats amused for hours.


Not unlike humans, cats tend to get bored easily if they play with the same toys repeatedly. Providing them with an array of toys ensures that they remain excited and look forward to playtime. Some of the usual favourites are fish-rod like toys, balls, and ribbons. One of the most popular toys nowadays are food-dispensing toys, which you can add in your cat’s favourite snack into. These toys enable cats to solve a “puzzle” which will result in a tasty treat.

There are toys designed for solo play and ones meant for interactive sessions between owner and pet. Have a wide selection of toys from both these categories to enrich your cat’s playtime. However, do not leave all the toys out during playtime as your cat might become less interested in a toy if it has easy access to them.

Safety and Durability

When choosing a toy for your cat, you should also prioritize the safety of your cat. The toy should not have any easily detachable parts, sharp edges, or parts small enough for your cat to potentially swallow. Toys with these features are extremely dangerous for your pet, especially for individual playtime sessions when you are not around to supervise.

Even with interactive toys, you should make sure that the parts are securely intact that will withstand repeated scratching, tugging, or biting. Interactive toys should only be used during playtimes when you are involved as well, hence you should keep it safely in a place where your cat cannot access to for self-play. Furthermore, you should also check out online reviews about a certain toy to determine whether it is safe for your cat.

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