Felines make lovable pets as they can be very affectionate towards their owners. Get the best cat beds in Malaysia and click here to learn about the different kinds available.

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Types of cat beds

A favourite past time of every cat is to laze around the different areas of the house until they find the most comfortable spot. The best solution for this is to invest in a cat bed for your feline. Cat beds come in various shapes and sizes. Read on and get to know about the types of cat beds.

Basket cat bed

The basket cat bed can be a great addition to your furnishings as it blends well with the interior of your home. Generally, these types of beds are wicker-like and come with a soft pillow for your feline to sleep comfortably on. It is also very sturdy and can last a long time if it is well-maintained. Other than pillows, you may add blankets within the basket to add to the softness of the pillow.

Hammock bed

Cats are curious pets and love to observe the house from high places. The hammock-type beds are perfect for them so that they can perch up high, lay in a precarious manner while testing their balance by walking along bannisters. Hammock beds are very versatile as it allows you to set up various kinds of formations which can be changed often. The three most common types of hammocks are the window hammocks, standalone hammocks, and those that can be attached to the legs of the furniture. It is also portable and can be easily moved from one place of the house to another.

Pillow bed

Similar to the pillows we sleep on, the beds are ideal for cats that enjoy sleeping on soft surfaces. Another type of pillow bed is known as nesting bed. It comes with an additional feature which is the hoods. The bed also allows cats to nestle into a protected place while giving them a view with an open front. These are ideal for cats that love climbing into your laundry bins or hide in soft places while they spy on everyone. Kittens seem to particularly like these types of beds as it makes them feel safe and warm.

Wall-mounted bed

These types of beds are a wonderful, contemporary option for cats to look for a comfortable spot to call their own. This is a great option for smaller houses as it does not take up any valuable floor space. It is advisable to place a shelf or any jumping surface next to the wall-mounted bed so that your kitty can easily jump into it.

Cave bed

Also known as cat houses, igloos or teepees, cave beds offer cats sufficient room to hide in and keeps them from being touched. It also gives them the feeling of being safe and protected. If you kids running around the house, your cat will enjoy these types of bed as it acts as their safe retreat.

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