If you have a bird as your pet, then you should make sure that they are well taken care of. Not only do you need to feed it with ample food and water, but you need to equip its home with proper accessories to ensure that they live well. Read more about bird supplies in Malaysia below.


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Accessories that Every Pet Bird Cage Should Have

Giving your pet bird with a conducive living environment is essential to maintain its wellbeing. Merely providing your pet bird with a cage, food, and water is not sufficient. Similar to other pets, they require toys and additional accessories to maintain its wellbeing. Once you have selected the proper bird cage, the next step is choosing suitable accessories to match it. Imagine living in a house with no comfortable places to rest, no colours and decorations, and nothing to play with during your free time; this is what an un-accessorized cage is to your pet bird. These accessories can easily be acquired online from AliExpress Malaysia, Galleon Malaysia, and Lazada Malaysia or at pet shops located throughout the country.

Feeding Cups and Bowls

Pet birds eat throughout the day and require ample fresh water at all times. Hence, feeding cups and bowls are important that they can easily access these resources when needed. Choose feeding cups and bowls that are a suitable size for your pet bird. You should not choose cups or bowls that are too deep if the bird does not long beaks. You should also opt for containers that can be cleaned and sanitized easily. Stainless steel or plastic bowls, crocks with wire holders that can be attached to the cage, or treat and millet holders are good feeding choices. Consider having a few of them on hand so that you will always have a clean one prepared.

Bird Baths

Do you know that bathing is important for your pet birds as well? Bathing is important for them because it stimulates preening, which helps the birds to maintain its hygiene and cleanliness of their feathers and skin. Most birds bathe by splashing in a birdbath filled with tepid water. Equip your bird’s cage with a suitable-sized bird bath so that your birds can delight in bathing themselves when they want to. If you plan to fix a bird bath, make sure that you place the cage in a warm environment. This is for the birds to air-dry themselves after they have finished bathing, preventing them from getting sick.


Can you imagine how bored you will be if you are confined at home without any source of entertainment? Just as we have our digital devices and toys to keep us occupied, your pet birds also require stimulation and entertainment in their cages. Toys let curious birds play and experience new challenges, textures, and colours. You should choose bird toys that are a safe size for your bird. If the bird can potentially bite off and swallow a part of the toy, then the toy is too small. Make sure that the toys will also not cause the bird’s beak or toes to be caught in its parts.

Additional Accessories

You should also equip some “furniture” in your bird’s home in the form of perches. Perches are important for your birds as they provide different vantage points and they offer a comfortable spot for your birds to rest on. When choosing perches, you should select one that fits your pet bird’s feet size – wrong ones can cause the bird to suffer from foot injuries and even arthritis! Swings and ladders can also be included as an extra source of activity for your bird, providing additional interest to the environment.