Petronas is known internationally as a reputable oil and gas company. Apart from providing top-grade petroleum fuel for vehicles, the brand is also known for its line of engine oils. Find out more about Petronas below.


Keep Your Vehicles in Tip-top Condition with Petronas

The pride and joy of Malaysia, Petroliam Nasional Berhad is the country’s top oil and gas company. It is ranked amongst the largest corporations on Fortune Global 500 and is present in more than 65 countries worldwide. The company strives to drive innovation and add value to oil and gas resources that have become one of the most important sources of fuel today.

The group is engaged in a wide spectrum of petroleum activities, including upstream exploration and production of oil and gas to downstream oil refining; formulation and distribution of petroleum products, and many more. One of the brand’s products that are known amongst Malaysians is its line of engine oils.

Engine Oils Produced by Petronas Malaysia

The brand recognizes that the engine is one of the essential parts of a car. Among the things that car owners should also think about is engine oils to keep the vehicle in prime working conditions. Petronas lubricants work to keep your engine clean and cool so that they can function longer without breaking down. These engine oils can be basically divided into four series – Syntium, Mach 5, NGV Lube, and M-Plus, each with their respective functions and benefits.

Petronas Syntium Engine Oils

Through many years of extensive tests and field experiences, the Petronas Syntium engine oils produced are designed to deliver excellent engine performance and counter engine overheat. This enables the engine of your vehicle to perform at optimal temperatures longer while reducing the risks of your engine getting faulty.

Petronas Mach 5 Engine Oil

Mach 5 is formulated with top-grade unconventional base oils and advanced technologies to provide excellent thermal and oxidation stability. Mach 5 effectively minimizes oil thickening at very high operating temperatures as well as reducing engine wear and tear.

Petronas NGV Lube

NGV Lube is a blend of specially-engineered Petronas engine oil that can be used to lubricate mono-fuel NGV, CNG, LPG, and dual-fuel automotive engines. The addition of Salicylate and DPA technology provides comprehensive protection against oxidation and nitration, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications.

Petronas M-Plus Engine Oil

M-Plus line of engine oil is multi-grade engine oil designed to lubricate passenger cars and light-duty trucks with mileage above 120,000km. M-Plus consists of advanced seal conditioners, anti-oxidants, anti-wear, and detergent systems to ensure engine cleanliness and prolonged durability for engines with high mileage numbers.

What is Petronas Syntium?

It is one of the Petronas lubricants made with premium-quality base materials and superior additive properties. Petronas Syntium engine oils are developed with high technology to drive performance and provide solutions for modern Malaysian drivers. Equipped with the CoolTech technology, the Syntium series is formulated to counter excessive engine heat, a continuous condition that many drivers tend to neglect until it is too late. CoolTech effectively absorbs and transfers excessive engine heat that targets critical heat zones. Hence, it regulates the engine to optimize temperature operation for a trouble-free drive.

Petronas Syntium 3000 vs 5000

There are a number of Syntium engine oils produced by the brand, including Petronas Syntium 500, Syntium 800, Syntium 3000, Syntium 5000, Syntium 7000, and Syntium Racer. Both Syntium 3000 and 5000 serve different respective functions for the vehicle. Syntium 3000 optimizes car performance to improve its drivability while Syntium 5000 boost exceptional performance for low emission vehicles. Syntium 3000 is a universal lubricant suitable for cars running in different climatic conditions with either DPF or TWC systems. On the other hand, Syntium 5000 ranges consist of specified Petronas lubricants that can be used for car engines from Ford, Renault, PSA Group, BMW, Mercedes, and VW.

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