Malaysia's own brand of cars, Perodua gives you affordable options in terms of car accessories. Check out the best Perodua car accessories in Malaysia or read more below.


4 Reasons Why Perodua Makes The Best Cars for Fresh Grads

You’ve just graduated from college and you are looking to get a car. Every one of your peers has taken on the monthly commitment of paying for their ultimate mode of transport

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Perodua Accessories for your Car

We can’t go without saying that Perodua cars are everywhere in Malaysia. With so many cars here, the need to get Perodua car supplies is high and much more the need to get affordable supplies. Thankfully, we can find Perodua supplies online at reasonable prices.

Perodua basics

When we talk about car servicing, we need to back to the basics. From spare parts to service oils, Perodua basics start with original merchandise. Where do we get original Perodua parts? The first choice would be to go to your local servicing agent to get some. The next and better alternative is to purchase your goods online. Perodua automotive products come in all shapes and sizes and you can get them online. One of the key products Perodua offers is the key fob cover.

Key covers, reverse sensors & more

Key fob covers come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re not sure whether or not they fit, simply look for the car name attached with the product description. For Perodua automotive products, you get key protectors for Kelisa, Myvi, Alza, Viva, and Axia. Cover your key fob in style and protect it from scratches, impacts, and dust clogging with a variety of key covers.

Some of the older models did not come with reverse sensors. Hence, we had to install Perodua reverse sensors. What would usually cost an arm and a leg to purchase, now can be found online at affordable prices. For less than RM200, you can get reverse sensors installed in your car.

Also look out for other accessories such as door visors, sunshades, interior rubber mats, wheel covers and sound-proofing padding for keeping noise out. You can also get the essentials such as Perodua spark plugs, brake oil, gear oil, antenna replacements and original air filters installed with ease.

Tips to get the right Perodua products

There are a few concerns about shopping online for automotive products though. Here are some things you should remember when purchasing Perodua products online.

First, check to see if the merchant is reliable. Look for user reviews and experienced buyers. Next check if the product you intend to buy is original. Look for the serial number and license number to be sure. Double check on the Perodua website if you want further confirmation. Be sure to get the item that suits your vehicle. You can cross-check the chassis number with Perodua’s original vehicles licenses to find out if it is compatible with your vehicle.