As one of Malaysia’s national cars, Perodua has always had a place in our hearts. Today, you can show your love for this car and get Perodua cars and parts online at affordable prices. Read more below.


4 Perodua Cars that Make Malaysia Proud

Malaysia is proud of many achievements. One of the biggest achievements is our national car company – Perodua. Since the 1990’s, the one company to bring out new designs along with promising technology in Malaysia was Perodua. These days, Perodua brings the cheapest cars to our automotive scene. From the first Perodua Kancil to the latest Perodua Bezza, we’ve got so many choices for mid to high-end range cars. The best thing about owning a Perodua is the ability to get spare parts to replace as well as enhance your car. Here are 4 Perodua Cars that you may want to get.

Perodua Kancil

Smart like a Kancil – that was the tagline when the cute little car came out decades ago. Perodua Kancil was first introduced in 1994 and lived a long, fulfilling life of 15 years. Based on a Daihatsu Mira, the Kancil brought small and efficient commuting to everyone. Priced at an affordable range, the little car was perfect for those who wanted the convenience and affordability of a motorbike along with the comfort and safety of a car.

The compact Kancil’s first model came with a 650cc engine which later was upgraded to an 850cc engine. Even for its small size and lightweight design, the Kancil was slow and under-powered in every sense. It’s no surprise that many owners were inclined to modify their engines with aftermarket parts. Not too long after, the Kancil was replaced with the next best Perodua variant – the Viva. All in all, the Kancil had a good run. As we still see these relics of Perodua’s history on the road, we know Malaysians still hold the Kancil dear to heart.

Perodua Myvi

You know a Malaysian car brand has graduated somewhat when they start giving quirky names to their cars. This is where the Perodua Myvi comes into the picture. Entering the B-segment car class, the Myvi provides a mid-range model for the perfect Malaysian ride. The car’s chassis was based on the Toyota Passo and Toyota’s collaboration with Daihatsu. Introduced in 2005, the Myvi shot to fame thanks to its small size but big features. The Myvi was the first in the Perodua line-up to have safety features such as dual airbags, ABS, and EBD. These safety features came with a larger price tag, but yet it was affordable to most Malaysian buyers.

With every year since its birth, the Myvi has brought in more features along with a sportier look each time. With a swooping front end, sporty vents on the sides of the bumper, and a wider stance, the Myvi looks fiercer than its previous model each time. Particularly appealing to the younger generation (those looking to buy their first car). Lagi PowerBest, Lagi Best.

Perodua Bezza

We have to mention the Perodua Bezza. Not simply because it is the latest entry into Perodua’s vehicle line-up, but because it is the first sedan that Perodua has made. After much speculation, the model was released in July 2016. As a 4-door sedan, the Bezza entered the A-segment category, bringing in a whole lot of goodies with it. Along with premium safety features such as airbags, ESC, traction control, the Bezza also comes with Bluetooth connection, LED lamps and Push-Start button.

As for space, the Bezza wows with comfortable seating for up to 5 passengers. Boot space is equally impressive. Rear seats can be folded flat to allow for maximum capacity in loading. Another interesting characteristic is found in the flat-folding front seats. You can recline the seats at an 180-degree angle, much like a bed. How cool is that?!

On the whole, the Bezza competes well with its counterparts despite having a smaller engine. The standard model comes with a 1.0L VVT-i engine while the higher spec model comes with a 1.3L Dual VVT-i model. Both variants come with both a manual and automatic transmission so you have 4 choices to choose from at the onset. If you want variety on the outside, you have 6 colours to choose from Sugar Brown, Ocean Blue, Lava Red, Ebony Black, Glittering Silver, and Ivory White.

Perodua Axia

We come back into the A-segment car category with the Perodua Axia. Brought into the Malaysian market in 2014, the Perodua Axia was made to replace the Viva. Compact and fun to look at, the Axia quickly became a favourite on the road. Thanks to its smaller price tag and seemingly minimalistic nature, the Axia was the perfect model for first-time car buyers. Even for a small car, the features on the higher end variants were impressive. With airbags, 14-inch alloy rims, leather bucket seats, electric power steering, ABS and ESC, the Axia is a giant step ahead for Perodua little cars. With all these features, it’s no surprise that the Axia is the most popular among the Perodua cars today.

Now that you know more about 4 of Perodua’s finest models, you may want to look into other automotive products from Perodua’s online repertoire. Check out the Perodua automotive page for all the necessary items to go along with your brand new Perodua. Happy shopping!