Korean cosmetics has always been more advanced than its western counterparts in terms of design and formulation. Highlighting your natural beauty, Perfect Skin Malaysia has some of the most amazing products, fresh from Korea! Check out our selection of cosmetics from Perfect Skin, including their most popular item - the Perfect Skin marble stick foundation! Read more about Perfect skin here.


Perfect Skin - a Unique Take on Korean Cosmetics

There are many ways in which Korean cosmetics are more advanced than its western counterparts. For example, BB creams has been used by Koreans years before it was first introduced in Europe and the United States. With the popularity of KPOP idols thanks to the Internet, more and more people are now getting into the KPOP makeup trend. Catering to all your Korean cosmetic needs is Perfect Skin by Jennyhouse. Their exciting collection of Korean cosmetics are simply marvelous, offering different sets of finishes, shades, and pigments. And, like all Korean cosmetics, Perfect Skin enhances your natural beauty with every wear.

Perfect Skin Malaysia - what you need to know

If you are looking for a Korean brand known for its premium formulation and unique line of cosmetics, then Perfect Skin would be the perfect brand for you. Developed by Jennyhouse in South Korea, Perfect Skin has a selection of Korean cosmetics that would cover your basic needs in makeup. From foundation and powder cushions with special formulation; each wear gives you more beautiful skin. Perfect Skin foundations gives you that signature dewy, glossy, and well-hydrated look that everyone just can’t get enough of.

About Jennyhouse

Jennyhouse is one of South Korea’s premiere beauty salons that offers high-end hairstyling and makeup services. Jennyhouse caters to all your beauty needs from hair to your skin. The beauty salon has also been affiliated with huge Korean networks, movies, and celebrities such as Kim Sarang, Han Go Eun, Han Jimin, Si Yeon Park, and other big-time entertainers. Jennyhouse is all about bringing out your natural beauty with their exciting selection of exclusive products and services.

The Marble Stick Foundation - Why is it popular?

Among the best products from Perfect Skin by Jennyhouse is the Perfect Skin Marble stick foundation which features two shades with pink and yellow undertones, perfect for fair Asian skin. The marble stick is a one-of-a-kind cosmetic and skin care foundation which provides not only long lasting wear and coverage, but also makes the skin healthier and more glowing. If you don’t have this product on your beauty bag, then you are clearly missing out.

Functional design

One of the things that make the Perfect Skin marble stick foundation standout is its unique design. Compared to traditional stick foundations, the Perfect Skin Marble stick has two ends; one is the tube of the product, and another is an angled brush. It’s tube design along with a 15 degree angled brush helps you apply the product evenly across your face. The tube is also easy to store in your bag, making it the perfect go-to foundation.

Unique formulation

Another reason why the Perfect Skin Marble stick foundation is popular is the formulation. It’s creamy consistency makes it easy to apply and spread. The product is also lightweight yet provide light to medium coverage to conceal dark spots, wrinkles, and other blemishes for a smoother finish. The product also consists of 4 kinds of patented sebum control ingredients mainly sepi control, 5 alpha avocuta, anti sebum-p, and dermatic AC3. The marble stick also consists of 10 different kinds of plant oils and extracts that helps soothe the skin underneath all your makeup. The Perfect Skin marble foundation breaks the standard in what cosmetic formulation should be.

How to use the Perfect Skin marble foundation

It’s functional designed combined with unique formulation, the Perfect Skin marble foundation guarantees easy application, even for makeup newbies! Here is a quick step by step guide on how to evenly apply the Perfect Skin marble foundation and get smooth, blemish-free face in less than 8 minutes:

  1. On the foundation side of the product, gently remove the cap and twist the stick foundation up to half a centimeter (0.5cm).
  2. Apply the product on your face from the inside out, unerneath the eyes, your cheek, forehead, and your chin; use as much product as needed.
  3. Like step two, use the brush to evenly spread the foundation across your face starting from the center, all the way to your hairline and jawline.
  4. Now you have a perfect base to apply the rest of your makeup!

Shop for Perfect Skin products online!

Perfect Skin by Jennyhouse is one of the best Korean brands if you are looking for foundation and cushions. Packed with sebum control ingredients and naturally-derived essential oils and extracts, Perfect skin gives you more beautiful skin with every wear. Check out our selection of Perfect Skin products here and shop for your favorite Korean brands at iprice!