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Pelican Malaysia Camera-Photo Cases

Pelican Malaysia has been a known manufacturer of the toughest camera cases since 1976. Their camera cases are made of dust proof, watertight, and military standard cases that could protect your camera even under extreme conditions or weather. It’s been military tested, which guarantees that it will be able to be as protective as it claims to be. Pelican camera and photo cases offer a wide array of cases and back packs that are made for photographers who are always on the go. With its virtually indestructible rugged cases, it will surely live up to the extreme protection that it promises.

Why Pelican Malaysia?

  • Pelican camera cases are the best one in the market because:
  • It is made in the USA
  • Their cases especially the Storm Cases and Protector cases are waterproof.
  • The materials used and the build of their cases are military grade, which is means it offers the highest protection there is today.
  • They have over 70 injection molded-cases providing a wide array of choices in the market

Pelican Cases for Cameras

Protector Cases

The Pelican Malaysia Protector cases are designed to be rugged and to endure the harshest environments on earth. Pelican cases can survive even in the heat of a battle or against extremely cold breeze of the arctic. The protector cases are storage cases for cameras, laptop, cell phones, and all other electronic devices. It’s designed with an automatic purge valve that balances the air pressure on the inside of the case with the outside, an over-molded rubber handles with a stainless steel hardware, and an o -ring lid that’s made of watertight silicone. These military grade materials and build give their protective cases the ability to withstand heavy impacts and keep away water and other substances from entering the case.

Storm Cases

The storm cases are guaranteed to last a lifetime. The Pelican Storm cases Malaysia are made in the USA and was built using the finest components in the world. The Storm Cases from Pelican shares the same DNA as the Protector cases, however, the primary difference is this one comes with a unique press and pull latch that automatically locks but easily opens with a light touch. Also, the storm cases are built with stainless steel hinges, latch pins, and smooth rolling ball bearing. It's also equipped with automatic Vortex valve to equalize the air pressure inside the case with the outside. Lastly, it's easy to carry grip can be credited to its rubber over molded handles.