Pelican is one of the leading brands of highly protective cases for all of types of electronic devices and their products are made of the finest materials and efficient designs that are design to last. If you want to keep your electronics devices’ physical integrity intact, without a doubt, Pelican is a brand that you should seriously consider when shopping for high quality cases. Know more about this brand right here!

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Pelican Malaysia: Made to Make Your Devices Last

Pelican products have been creating the most dependable and most durable protective solution for smartphones and cameras for over 40 years. Because of that, it is now a global leader when it comes to designing and manufacturing of advanced portable lighting system and high performance and highly protective cases. Most patrons of their products are professionals from the field of law enforcement, defense or military, fire safety, entertainment, life sciences, aerospace, industrial and consumer. Basically, the professionals who use Pelican products are inclined to environmental hazards and require a product that would last a lifetime.

Pelican: Then and Now

Pelican rose to fame in 1976 and was founded in California by Dave Parker and his wife Arline. Dave has been an Avid Scuba diver since he was 11 and were well aware of the equipment that he needs for such hobby, which is what most markets during that time fail to provide. Even the most rugged flashlights and cases would leak and eventually fail on him during some of his scuba diving sessions. Because of this, Dave spent years of hard work and research in making their first product patent a reality – the Pelican Float. The legendary SabreLite flashlight and their protective cases eventually followed. Today, they now offer a range of accessories and equipment for different gadgets.

Pelican’s most recent development was to create separate divisions that will be more specific to an industry that it serves and better address the diversity of their market. The division the company has created are BioThermal, Consumer, and Commercial/Government. Since 2011 up to the present time, Pelican has continued to expand the global scope which is now currently taking place in South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India, and South Africa.

Why Pelican?

  • Pelican is the best choice for cellphone, laptop, and camera cases that will provide 101% storage and protection to these devices under extreme environmental conditions.
  • The brand has earned the patronage of professionals from a different sector of the Industrial and Commercial industry and has been a trusted name when it comes to their accessories for years now. It’s a name that equates to reputation.
  • Their products have undergone extensive research and development, making sure that they withstand heavy duty usage and extreme conditions
  • For professionals especially in the BioThermal industry, Pelican has specialized products that will efficiently cater to the protective needs the environment where they work in.

Pelican Malaysia Products

Pelican products have a very wide coverage for its protective cases to outdoor and heavy duty accessories. Here is a menu of most of their products today:

Protector Cases

The Pelican Protector cases are designed to be rugged and to endure the harshest environments on earth. Pelican cases can survive even in the heat of a battle or against extremely cold breeze of the arctic. The protector cases are storage cases for cameras, laptop, cell phones, and all other electronic devices. It’s designed with an automatic purge valve that balances the air pressure on the inside of the case with the outside, an over-molded rubber handles with a stainless steel hardware, and an o -ring lid that’s made of watertight silicone. These military grade materials and build give their protective cases the ability to withstand heavy impacts and keep away water and other substances from entering the case.

Storm Cases

The storm cases are guaranteed to last a lifetime. The Pelican Storm cases are made in the USA and was built using the finest components in the world. The Storm Cases from Pelican shares the same DNA as the Protector cases, however, the primary difference is this one comes with a unique press and pull latch that automatically locks but easily opens with a light touch. Also, the storm cases are built with stainless steel hinges, latch pins, and smooth rolling ball bearing. It's also equipped with automatic Vortex valve to equalize the air pressure inside the case with the outside. Lastly, it's easy to carry grip can be credited to its rubber over molded handles.

Phone and Tablet Cases

The cases for smartphones and tablets from Pelican shares the same DNA as with the brand’s large cases for larger equipment. Their phone cases are developed greatly to provide smartphones the ability to withstand the harshest environments in the world. With their cases, smartphones and tablets could be submerged in water, withstand heavy falls, and could survive a stampede. That’s how tough cases from Pelican are.


Pelican’s line of flashlights is not just regular flashlights. They’re made to be used underwater and for industrial environments. Their flashlights include waterproof lights, tactical lights, hands-free lighting, and safety approved lights for hazardous area. Their flashlights are designed to illuminate 10 times brighter than the regular flashlight and endure the harsh environments when it needs to.

If you’re a professional who work for as a firefighter, police, military, for the aerospace, or construction industry, Pelican is a brand that will perfect suit your lifestyle and its demands.