Hijab designs can vary from colours, patterns, fabric and sewing quality, do some brand search and you will find Pearl Haya’s wide range of shawls. Learn more about Pearl haya here.


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Pearl Haya is the top brand among hijab lovers

Hijab fashion has grown bigger in recent years and Pearl Haya started in 2008 is now considered the early pioneers in the industry. Pearl Haya has seven platinum outlets in seven states in Malaysia and one outlet in Brunei. With high quality shawl offerings, the brand Pearl Haya is one of the most sort after brand among Muslim women young and old.

Pearl Haya design team always strives to make new hijab collections that will make Muslim women look fabulous while keeping to Islam’s modest way of dressing. When a Muslimah (a Muslim woman) wears Pearl Haya hijab, she exudes beauty too even with fully covered clothing and that makes Pearl Haya shawls irresistible. Muslim women use the hijabs as their main element in accessorizing, so shawls that have colours, patterns, made of soft material will allow Muslimahs to have better ways of personalizing their clothes.

Pearl Haya hijab collections that are very popular include:

  • Chiffon Ruffles: colourful pastel chiffon ruffles that will make every woman more feminine
  • Doz Chic: popular among women in their 30s
  • Doz Raina: for those that like more shade of colours and patterns
  • Dozrey: lined with stripes and flowery lines, this will enhance your overall plain coloured outfits
  • Trez Chic: also a colourful collection with layers of soft fabric that gives out a graceful ambience
  • Seri Aluna: a longer shawl chiffon collection that’s breathable and comfortable with a design that will slim down the face

With so many different collections available, you will definitely find one shawl that

Exceptional sewing quality makes Pearl Haya shawl a hot item

Head shawls are used as a form of clothing as well as a form of pride for Muslim women and so Pearl Haya identifies its significant with Muslimahs when making the shawls. Therefore, high quality fabrics and exceptional sewing techniques both come hand in hand during the manufacturing process.

Feel it: touch and get a feel of Pearl Haya's fabrics

Wear it: put them on and style it according to your personal preferences, it's easy!

Love it: fall in love with Pearl Haya shawls and accessories as there are a wide range to choose from.

Besides top selling shawls, Pearl Haya also makes apparel. The production of apparels started in 2010 upon customers request. Loyal Pearl Haya lovers place their trust in the quality of Pearl Haya designers of local talents and a new wing of Muslimah fashion was created. Home grown designers design and creates

Personalized your hijab easily with Pearl Haya hijab

Pearl Haya hijabs has captured the hearts of women young and old in Malaysia and is one of the leading hijab brands in the scene. Pearl Haya products are now available in Malaysia, Brunei and in London, UK with over 40 registered agents that sell in stores and online. Versatile and comfortable, Pearl Haya hijabs are easily customised as users can personalize the shawls with accessories and different ways of layering. Learn more on how to style Pearl Haya shawls at the brand's official website or check out their videos on Youtube like this one below.