Looking to reward yourself with a designer watch? Patek Philippe is a Genevan watch manufacturer with a stellar history of making luxury timepieces. Superior in craftsmanship, Patek Philippe timepieces are dream watches for individuals who can afford them. Find out more about Patek Philippe and its premium watches below.


Patek Philippe Malaysia – Watches that Bring Class and Elegance to Your Wrist

Nowadays, watches are no longer just objects to tell time; they have become fashion accessories that can be used as a status symbol as well, especially for men. Therefore, many CEOs and professionals in Malaysia have their personal luxury watch collection at home.

When it comes to luxury watches, one brand that cannot be left out is Patek Philippe. With nearly eight decades worth of history under its belt, Patek Philippe is considered the epitome of Swiss watchmaking engineering. Throughout the years, the brand has constantly reinvented the way they make its timepieces, enabling them to stay timeless for generations. For avid watch collectors, your set of watches is not complete without a model from Patek Philippe.

Watch Collections Offered by Patek Philippe Malaysia

Since the company’s inception, Patek Philippe timepieces have elicited enthusiasm amongst horology connoisseurs. Innovation and unparalleled expertise in the art of watchmaking are instrumental factors the guarantee the longevity and reliability of its watches. Patek Philippe has a wide selection of models to offer, many of which have become objects of desire for many since their introduction. Below are some collections to look out for in Patek Philippe’s inventory.

The Grand Collections Collection

Complicated matchmaking is the best ultimate measure of a watchmakers’ skill and expertise. Patek Philippe experts have twice constructed the world’s most complicated portable timepiece, proof of the mastery they have over horological complications. The timepieces in this collection are a combination of flawless artistry and top-quality materials, making them valuable pieces that last a lifetime. The delicately handcrafted watches in this collection are proofs that Patek Philip deserves its top luxury watch brand title.

The Complications Collection

In watchmaking terms, a “complication” is anything a mechanical watch can provide apart from telling the time and date. Bringing the best of Genevan watchmaking ingenuity, Patek Philippe ensures that the timepieces in this collection are not only visually pleasing but are also functional, equipping them with complications that are useful in everyday applications such as Annual Calendars, dual time zone support, and World Time displays. These additional features make these watches the perfect companion for business professionals who frequently travel.

The Calatrava Collection

The round-faced wristwatches in the Calatrava collection are one of the finest representations of the Patek Philippe design style. Intricately designed and flawlessly elegant, these models feature attractive yet understated designs which will capture the attention of all generations of watch aficionados.

The Gondolo Collection

If you are looking for a watch that does not have the conventional round face, then you should consider the watches in this collection. Comprising of rectangular, tonneau- and cushion-shaped units, the Gondolo collection brings together most of Patek Philippe’s “form” watches, the term used to describe models that do not have a round face. Their geometric simplicity and timeless style are modern interpretations of the art deco style which coincides with some of Patek Philippe’s historical pieces. The models in this collection are ideal for individuals who want to divert from the norm of having a round-faced model while still having a classic timepiece with a subtle hint of modernity.

The Golden Ellipse Collection

Introduced in 1968, the Golden Ellipse Collection was a bold departure from the conventional watch shapes. Characterised by an elliptical case, a blue-gold dial, gold hands and hour markers – these features harmonise perfectly to create the units in this collection. For the design of these timepieces, Patek Philippe drew inspiration from the principle of the “golden section” which was discovered by ancient Greek mathematicians. This so-called “divine proportion” was the basis for some of the greatest works in art and architecture throughout the course of human history

The Nautilus Collection

Known as the sports-centred series in Patek Philippe’s inventory, the Nautilus collection has been reinventing sporting elegance since its introduction in 1976. Today, this collection has a generous selection of splendid models for both men and women to match their active lifestyles while being classy at the same time.

The Aquanaut Collection

Sporting modern, chic, and youthful design aesthetics, the Aquanaut series of watches created a sensation when they were introduced in 1997. These watches are great companions for your outdoor adventures as they have a “Tropical” strap that is made of an advanced composite material that is ultra-resistant to wear and tear, saltwater, and UV radiation.

The Twenty ~ 4® Collection

Although Patek Philippe is commonly associated with providing luxury watches for men, the brand also has models that are specially designed that exude feminine elegance as well. This collection is dedicated to young, active modern women who want to inject timeless femininity into their lives. These timepieces can be worn on all occasions, be it for formal or casual events.

Purchasing a luxury watch can be quite costly, therefore you should make the right decision so you will not regret it afterwards. If you want to have more options, other luxury watch brands that you should check out include Rolex, Tag Heuer, and Omega.