As one of the most popular outdoor wear and gear brands, Patagonia offers some of the best products you must buy for your next outdoor trip. Without the Patagonia gear and outdoor wear, your outdoor trip will not be as safe and as easy. Read the article here to find out more about Patagonia Malaysia.


Find Outdoor Necessities with the Products from Patagonia Malaysia

Established in California by a professional mountain climber, Patagonia surely knows how to satisfy your outdoor needs. The brand offers everything you would need for an outdoor trip like clothing, accessories, and gears for every sports or activity. Find out below what you can get from Patagonia for your favorite outdoor activities.

For Climbing

Out of all the outdoor activities, climbing is perhaps one of the most difficult sports. Defying gravity can be challenging and scaling vertical walls of rock is not an easy task. Weather, oxygen, and temperature is also altered at a higher altitude so you need the utmost protection through the appropriate clothes and the appropriate gears.

Climbing Clothing

Patagonia’s hiking clothing include various jackets, coats, and pants for men and women. The clothing also comes with many features like down insulation, hooded and non-hooded, mechanical stretch, UPF sun protection, are packable, waterproof, synthetic insulation, reflectivity, and windproof. There are also patented technologies like Polartec, Polygiene odor control, and Primloft insulation in the Patagonia climbing clothing.

Climbing Gears

Patagonia offers climbing gears that are sturdy and of high-quality to hold all of your climbing necessities. Although sturdy, the gears are still lightweight to be carried on your back throughout the day and night when climbing. The Patagonia climbing gears include duffel bags, backpacks, and sleeping bags. Just like the climbing clothing, the Patagonia climbing gears are equipped with down insulation, hydration compatible, are packable, and water resistant.

For Skiing and Snowboarding

For skiers and snowboarders, the most important thing is to protect oneself against the cold. It is also imperative to have some sort of resistance against the wind and friction when going down those slopes. An example of Patagonia’s best-selling skiing and snowboarding clothing has to be the Patagonia Men’s PowSlayer Jacket. It has a minimalistic design and is lightweight, waterproof, and windproof. It has a GORE-TEX PRO fabric to make sure that you don’t get wet when falling into the snow or be exposed to the cold wind. This jacket was chosen by pro skiers as one of the best skiing jackets in the market today.

For Surfing

Surfing might seem easy; just put on some bathing suits and shorts and get on the board to catch some waves. However, surfing can be more challenging than other outdoor sports. Although you can always wear the typical bathing suits and shorts, Patagonia offers specialized wetsuits to help you tackle the waves. The Patagonia Yulex Wetsuits uses FSC certified natural rubber that can help lower carbon dioxide emissions. It can provide warmth along with some durability and sustainability. Also, the Yulex Wetsuits dries faster than other wetsuits, so the suit won’t feel heavy due to wetness.

For Flyfishing

Fishing is not just for old men to do to spend their weekends. Fly fishing can be rigorous and you need the right type of gear and clothing in order to succeed. The packs and gears provided by Patagonia are sling bags, hip packs, vests, backpacks, duffel bags, river crampons, and aluminum bar replacement for your Patagonia Rock Grip Wading Boots.

Aside from fly fishing clothing and gears for men and women, Patagonia also has a series of tenkara. Tenkara is a Japanese traditional tool for fly fishing. It is one of the most popular methods for fly fishing in Japan as well as the United States. The Patagonia tenkara is available in various lengths. It has high-modulus carbon fiber rod telescopes, premium-grade cork handle, and it includes a casing bag to make it easy for you to carry it around along the river.

For Trail Running

If hiking is too easy for you, then you should consider trying trail running. Since the surface will be rockier and there will likely be more inclines, trail running will definitely be more challenging than running on a flat surface. In order to succeed in trail running, you need clothes that are lightweight and easy to move around in. Patagonia has a variety of trail running clothes and gears including tights, leggings, visors, fast-drying and lightweight tops, as well as backpacks.

For Mountain Biking

If climbing, hiking, and trail running are still too easy for you, you could always take your bike up the mountains for a ride. The clothes needed for mountain climbing also needs to be lightweight yet sturdy. The mountain biking clothing from Patagonia includes bike shorts specifically made to protect the groin area when biking for a long period of time, craft jackets, craft jersey, runner shirts both long-sleeved and short-sleeved, racer jackets, pullovers, hiking socks and a forerunner vest.