Parker has been a master maker of instruments for fine writing for over two centuries now. As a result, their pens all serve as a symbol of quality and innovation. The usefulness of a good pen like that should never be underestimated. Read more about Parker pens in Malaysia here.


Parker Malaysia - Beautiful Pens To Serve Your Thoughts

These are the days of the digital revolution and those who still cling on to the analogue was of life are often deemed nostalgia geeks or prosaic individuals who cannot get on with the times. These analogue instruments include the pen. An innocuous item by itself but one should never underestimate the power of the pen to change the world. It has done so many times over and unless some catastrophe strikes the Earth and robs us of a continuing supply of ink, the pen will continue to be an item of importance and a good one to have around.

Reasons to get a Good Pen

To Play the Part of A Distinguished Individual

When you see a nice Parker fountain pen clipped in the front of someone's pocket, it's more than just a writing utensil. It is a statement of who they are. A good fountain pen, especially one from a brand like Parker, have a higher asking price compared to drugstore ballpoints. With its thin metal nib and water-based ink, fountain pens have long been associated with the elite. Posh schools still require students to learn an elegant hand with fountain pens and in some circles, fountain pens are given to a child as a gift to mark his or her coming of age. Consequently, the fountain pen in the upper-left pocket can tell you many things about an individual; most of them relating to a sense of class.

To Produce Good Writing

Those who have played around with many different types of pens know this to be true: different pens help you come up with different ideas. The way a pen feels nestled between your fingers and the scratch of the nib against paper differs between pens; whether it has a roller nib, a metal nib with twines, or even if it’s a pencil. And so, sometimes, to get the right idea you need the right pen. It has been said that a good pen will make you want to write. Having a good pen means that you are more inclined to put your ideas down to paper. For the thinking individual, a more useful and essential tool cannot be found. The digital medium has its place in helping us produce work quickly. So too does the analogue instrument of the pen in helping us produce original work.

It’s A Good Investment

One of the marks of a good pen is its durability. There are pens you can buy by the dozen and are as disposable as sticky notes. Plastic pretenders like those add little to the writing experience. A good pen would be beautiful to look upon, wonderful to write with, and would last you years. This is especially true of the fountain pen as you can switch out its ink cartridges the moment you run dry. Pen aficionados never throw out a good fountain pen. They collect them and show them off proudly. Good pens are a work of art.