Looking for something that would impress your clients? Then get a Parker pen! These pens have an air of classiness to them that would definitely make an impression on the people around you! Read on to learn more about Parker or scroll down to browse through our array of products.

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Parker Malaysia: For All Your Inky Needs

Parker Malaysia: One Man’s Desire for Something Better

You would think that with the rise of technology that the popularity of pens (and other writing stationery) would soon die out. That proves to be untrue. Even with the rise of touch screen phones and social media apps like Facebook (that helps to connect people who are miles apart in an instant), letter writing, postcard exchange and fountain pens are making a swift comeback. If you are one of those who is thinking of returning to age before technology, then you will definitely be interested in these Parker pens that we have to offer! In the world of writing instruments, Parker is a premium brand, similar to like how Apple would be considered as a premium brand in the tech world.

Parker (also known as The Parker Pen Company) was established in 1888 by George Safford Parker. The brand was the answer to problems of leaky/short life pens that people had to deal with. Before he started the company, George Safford Parker worked as an instructor with a side business of repairing and selling fountain pens. He was not happy with the problems of the fountain pen and decided to create a pen that had no ink leakages and had a long lifespan. And that was how Parker was born.

Parker Malaysia: Writing with Class

Parker is known for its luxurious writing instruments that are not only highly functional but also stylishly designed. Each writing instrument is designed to look sophisticated and classy, contributing a professional air to its users. Other than fountain pens (which is what they started out with), the brand has gone on to manufacture its own array of ballpoint pens, rollerball pens and inks. Here is a quick look at the types of products that they have to offer:

  • Parker Fountain Pens: The core of Parker, Parker Fountain Pens are made to beautify each stroke and letter that you write on a piece of paper, giving it character. The uniquely refined craftsmanship of the pens will leave an impression on those around you whenever you use the pen.
  • Parker Rollerball Pens: Not a fan of the feather-like design of the Parker Fountain Pens? Then try the Parker Rollerball Pens that has the smooth ink flow of a fountain pen combined with the practicality of a ballpoint pen!
  • Parker Ballpoint Pens: If you never did like wet inks, then these type of pens would be more to your liking. Its design is practical and simple, suited for daily use. These ballpoint pens are available in either a refillable option or a disposable option.
  • Parker Inks: Find refills for your Parker Ballpoint Pens and inks for your Parker Fountain Pens all on Parker. These inks are made from the best materials and display a rich array of colour options (depending on which writing instrument you are using).

From the various types of writing instruments that Parker has to offer, here are a few collections worth noting if you do decide to invest in a Parker pen:

  • Parker Duofold: If you are into classically refined items, then this pen is just the one for you! Launched in 1921, the Parker Duofold features iconic craftsmanship and is the heritage of Parker. Its sleek design is crafted to give you a precise and luxurious feel as you write. This pen is available in either fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint type.
  • Parker Jotter: First launched in 1954, the ballpoint pen features a sleek, refined design that is perfect for those who need a pen on the go and love simple, cool accessories. The pen comes in a variety of colours with a simple long shape that makes it look professional and classy at the same time.
  • Parker Sonnet: Ladies, if you are looking for a pen that is as refined and classy as your style, then this pen is the right one for you. Launched in 1993, the Parker Sonnet features a timeless, elegant design coupled with high precision and excellent writing comfort. This pen is available in either fountain pen, rollerball or ballpoint type.

Parker Malaysia: Advanced Writing Technology

One of Parker’s latest invention is the Parker 5THTM Pens. It features one of the most advanced writing technology available today that merges the ease of use of a ballpoint pen and the eloquence of a fountain pen. This new fountain pen system is said to never dry out, never leak and works well right away without the need of having to scribble something first to get the ink to flow.

The Parker Ingenuity was launched in 2011 and features this advanced writing technology. The design of the pen is classy, yet has a very modern feel to it. As the pen was designed to eliminate messy leaks, therefore its refilling system is different from the other Parker Fountain Pens. Like the Parker Ballpoint Pen, the Parker 5THTM Pen is refilled via ink cartridges specially made for the pen.

Parker Malaysia: Where Style Meets Convenience and Functionality

Up your writing game with these awesome writing instruments from Parker! Takedown notes, jot down your ideas and sign contracts in style with these Parker pens. If the array of Parker products does not interest you, then have a look at our range of products from Lamy and Faber Castell for writing products that may interest you!