Being efficient and productive can help you to constantly produce great quality of work. Paper Mate Malaysia has an array of unique and highly practical pens, pencils, markers, and white outs to make your work much easier. Read on how to increase productivity with Paper Mate stationeries by clicking here.


Get Motivated at School or in the Office with Paper Mate Malaysia

When doing work or a school task, it’s east to get demotivated and procrastinate. Leaving your assignments up to the last minute can have dire consequences. There are many ways to increase motivation and productivity. One of them is through the use of unique stationeries. Although electronics and are taking over everybody’s lives nowadays, it doesn’t hurt to keep around classic stationeries just in case. In fact, your productivity and inspiration will rise when using colorful pens and markers.

Paper Mate Malaysia offers high-quality stationeries that are comfortable to use for a prolonged period of time, perfect for writers and artists. Their specialty is their quick drying ink so you won’t smudge your text or drawing and possibly ruin the assignment.

Get yourself a planner

For all of you busy bees, keep track of your appointments and meetings with a planner. In your planner, you can jot down all the upcoming events, holidays, deadlines, and so much more. To make the best out of your planner or notebook, use different colored pens or markers. As an example, use a purple Paper Mate Inkjoy gel pen for to-do lists and Paper Mate Felt Tip marker pen in red for important deadlines.

You can even use bright and colorful sticky notes inside of your planner for anything non-permanent. This way, you don’t have to stress over making an unerasable mistake or crossing out a cancelled get together. If you’re unsure of your schedule, use Paper Mate mechanical pencil to list down everything before retracing it with pens and markers. Also, use stickers to label your dates for important events.

Clean up and organize your work area

Some might say you have to declutter your workspace to declutter your life and this is true. Having a neat and clean desk can give you a rush of inspiration and creativity. A desk filled with clutter, food wrappers, unstacked or unfiled papers can become an eyesore, making you less productive and decrease work performance. Considering the fact that people these days, specifically millennials, are obsessed with pleasing aesthetics, you can turn this into an advantage.

If you have a clean work area, you can decorate your space whatever you’d like. For example, decorate your desk with brightly colored stationeries, motivational pictures, or fake plants. Some people even go as far as painting their study lamp, scissors, stapler, and other stationery in their favorite colors to improve their moods and increase efficiency.

For those who prefer a minimalistic approach, invest in organizing shelves or containers that you can place inside your drawers. Get monochromatic stationery to place on your desk while storing the colorful ones inside these containers. Or if you like to have everything within your peripheral, get yourself some pen holders with a funny design or a motivational quote.

List all your stationeries

Make a list and write down all the necessary stationeries that you need daily or for a particular project. When you keep a list of everything, you can track of all the supply that you have on hand, reduce the money spent on buying extra stationery after it expires, and it will make it easier for you to organize everything. You can keep an extra supply of frequently-used items so you will never run out and will always have it on hand when you need it the most.

The most important items to have in your stationery collection are:

  • Pens (black, blue, and red are the most important)
  • Highlighter
  • Permanent markers and board markers
  • Pencil, sharpener, and lead for mechanical pencils
  • Eraser
  • Correction tape, whiteout, or liquid paper
  • Stapler and hole puncher
  • Ruler, cutter, and scissors
  • Sticky notes and tapes
  • Paper clips and paper labeler
  • Binders, manila folders, and plastic pockets
  • Calculator
  • Paper, envelopes, calendar, and planner

Switch digital notes to a regular notebook

The little note app on your smartphones, tablets, or laptops are convenient and quick, but nothing can beat old-school notebooks. When your mind is in a rut or you’re going through a writer’s block, you can always brainstorm ideas, draw doodles, or just list nonsensical phrases that could help activate your brain again. You can even use colored pencils, markers, or glue on cut-out pictures. You can do all this easily on your digital notes but there’s nothing wrong with going back to basics. Classic scrapbooking can be very calming and it could always jumpstart your productivity.

Stop procrastinating and get productive now with Paper Mate stationery that you can find here on iPrice. The Paper Mate stationery are surely affordable but it doesn’t hurt to also check out our coupon offers to save yourself a few bucks.