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Cool your environment with the best in Panasonic air conditioners in Malaysia. Shop for Panasonic air conditioners at the lowest prices here on iprice. Find out more here.

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Panasonic Air Conditioners in Malaysia

The keen sounds of Panasonic advertisements are ripe on radio “Panasonic Econavi..”. One of Panasonic’s best line of electronic appliances is in the area of air conditioners. Your favourite brand of electronics is here with more products to enrich your life. In Malaysia, installing air conditioners are a must. This hot weather can be a killer and Panasonic is the ultimate saviour. Panasonic air conditioners not only cool the air, but cleanse and purify so the air quality is optimum. Today, Panasonic air conditioners are available in Malaysia through online purchase. The best way to shop for air conditioners this day is through online means. Find out more about Panasonic air conditioners in Malaysia with the links below.

Choosing Panasonic air conditioners

You’ve chosen the best brand to look for – Panasonic. You’re on the right track. But how do you choose the right type of Panasonic air conditioner? For starters, there are two types of Panasonic air conditioners available – external air conditioners and in-built air conditioners. The general difference in the two categories is the overall cooling power. In-built air conditioners could go up to 6 Horse-power (HP) while the external units are from 0.5 – 2HP. Also, in-built Panasonic air conditioners are usually built into the ceilings or walls while the external ones are attached onto the wall.

Secondly, we look for the comfort level of the appliance. Noise level and user-friendliness are key aspects of comfort ratings. Thirdly we look for cost of running the appliance. As electricity bills can go up significantly with the use of air conditioners, we tend to look for one with a lower cost.

Some models of Panasonic air conditioners you could look at for home or office are:

  • Panasonic 1.5HP Air Conditioner CS-PV12SKH
  • Panasonic 2.0Hp + Nanoe-G + Econavi Deluxe Air Conditioner Cs-Kc18Qkh - 3 Star
  • Panasonic 1.0HP Wall Mounted Elite Inverter SKY Series Air Conditioner CS-VS10SKH
  • Panasonic Single Split Air Conditioner - 1.0HP Standard Non-Inverter CS-PV9SKH
  • Panasonic 2.0Hp Air Conditioner CS-PV18SKH

When is comes to popularity, the NN-CD997S MWO 42L Inverter Convection Ss, 2.0Hp + Nanoe-G + Econavi Deluxe Air Conditioner Cs-Kc18Qkh 3 Star and Single Split Air Conditioner 1.5HP Standard Non-Inverter CS-PV12SKH are the most popular collection of Panasonic Air Conditioners. So you can’t go wrong with these models. You can also choose by category, namely, Panasonic wall mounted air conditioners and Panasonic ceiling mounted air conditioners.

Panasonic air conditioners – easy on the environment

Panasonic air conditioners score high marks on all three factor levels. Panasonic air conditioners have the Energy Star rating for excellent energy efficiency. Consumption of electricity vs cooling performance gives Panasonic air conditioning units the capability to get this rating and subsequently reduce your cost and carbon footprint on this earth. On top of all these features, Panasonic air conditioners come with 10 years parts and compressor warranties so you can have a peace of mind like no other.

Overall, Panasonic air conditioners compliment your environment both for home or office. Get the best deals of Panasonic air conditioners right here on iprice. Shop for the lowest prices in Panasonic air conditioners with great deals on all your favourite online stores. Happy shopping!