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- Extra care with Shine Boost Design and ion - Shine Boost Design and ion conditioning leave your hair glossy, smooth and moisturized. - Enjoy Smooth And Shiny Hair - The Panasonic Care Series will enhance your hair's shine and beauty. The Shine Boost Design and ion conditioning leave your hair smooth, shiny and gorgeous. - The Shine Boost Design leaves your hair shiner - By blowing hot air from the center and cool air from both sides, the Shine Boost Design sends alternate bursts of hot and cool air to your hair. The dryer heats the hair and then immediately cools it, to regulate the surface temperature and leave the hair smooth and shiny. - Ion conditioning achieves extra care - A strong airflow packed with ions speed-dries your hair while preserving its natural gloss. Ions coat the surface of each hair, reducing static electricity and leaving the hair smooth and shiny. - Ions moisturize your hair - They coat the surface of each hair, adding moisture. - Ions neutralize the hair’s positive electrical charge - Hair naturally tends to have a positive electrical charge that makes it stand on end. Ions neutralize the charge, reducing static electricity to settle your hair and make it smoother. - Double External Ion Outlets - Ions are discharged from two independent ion outlets. Since this outlets are outside the hot-air nozzle, the ions do not dry out. They retain more moisture and deliver it to your hair. Ions are sensitive to heat. By sending them in cool air, they retain moisture which is then delivered to your hair. - Easy to hold - The ergonomically designed shape is well-balanced in the weight to achieve stable hold on to a grip. - Foldable design - The compact, foldable design takes up minimal space when not in use. - Cool-Shot Switch - Change between hot and cool with a single press of the switch. You don't even have to keep it pressed. It cools your hair in an instant, and keeps curls intact. Read more
For beautiful hair that boosts your confidence, the Panasonic EH-NE50 Ionizer Hair Dryer is the perfect hair drying tool to give you the look that you desire. This EH-NE50 hair dryer by Panasonic is uniquely designed to help you dry your hair quickly while maintaining its softness and lusciousness daily. Now you can feel sexy and beautiful with the hottest hairs styles. This Panasonic hair dryer gently cares and dries your hair efficiently and quickly. Safe and fast-drying with a healthy quick drying nozzle The Panasonic EH-NE50 Ionizer Hair Dryer is uniquely designed to create a strong and concentrated airflow for drying hair rapidly with its healthy quick drying nozzle. This Panasonic hair dryer works its magic as it blows your hair fast and it accentuates the natural shine of your hair every time! Brilliant Ion Technology Equipped with innovative ion technology, this Panasonic hair dryer features a twin external ion output that creates negative ions to maintain moisture for naturally smooth and shiny hair, while allowing your hair to dry quickly and effectively. 2 speed selection & 3 temperature settings Adjustable With 2 levels of speed to choose from, this hair dryer enables you to choose the correct temperature with its 3 temperature settings. You can choose the settings that suit you best for optimal results, every time. This feature reduces any risk of damage to your hair. The Cool Air Selection maintains your natural look Now, with the Cool Air Selection, your hair can look as healthy and as shiny as ever. This Panasonic hair dryer generates an air-flow with a temperature that is likened to natural air. It expedites your hair drying process without applying any unnecessary heat. Compactly-designed with foldable handles for your convenience For your convenience, this EH-NE50 Ionizer Hair Dryer is compact in design, with foldable handles that allow you to bring it along whenever you travel. The Panasonic EH-NE50 Ionizer Hair Dryer is the perfect companion for your beauty needs! #HairDryer #Beauty Read more
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Panasonic Nanocare Hair Dryer- Pink
RM 345.00
Harvey Norman
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Panasonic Braun Satin Hair 7 HD770 Colour Hairdryer
RM 459.00
Harvey Norman
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Panasonic 1600W IONITY Hair Dryer- Silver
RM 189.00
Harvey Norman

Panasonic Hair Dryers Malaysia

Many people prefer EH-ND13-VL, EH-NE63 and EH-ND52-V models from Panasonic Hair Dryers. Looking for a Panasonic Hair Dryers? Find good ones not only from Panasonic Hair Dryers but also from Parlux, Philips and Flyco. Can you believe they are only RM 39.00 - RM 515.00 for Panasonic Hair Dryers on iprice? Depending on your preferences and budget, you can choose between Fans, Cookers and Air Conditioners. To suit your home, most Panasonic Hair Dryers are manufactured with either Silver, Purple and Pink. Surprisingly, you can get discounts of up to 43% when purchasing Panasonic Hair Dryers online!

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