With the goal of bringing better life to you, Panasonic fans have been crafted to transform your life totally. Read more about Panasonic Malaysia fans here.

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Top Panasonic Fans Price List 2019

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Panasonic F-M14D5 RM 28.00 Shopee
Panasonic F-MX405 RM 132.00 Lazada
Panasonic F-M14C5 RM 250.00 Shopee
Panasonic F-M15A0 RM 59.00 Lazada
Panasonic F-MN304 RM 22.00 Lazada
Panasonic F-M15GW RM 679.00 Lazada
Panasonic F-MU44R RM 31.50 Shopee
Panasonic F-MN404 RM 26.90 Lazada
Panasonic F-MU408 RM 150.00 Lazada
Panasonic FV-25AUM7 RM 101.00 Lazada
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Panasonic F-M14D5

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Panasonic Malaysia Fans - Empowering Your Life Like Never Before

As one of the oldest brands in the world of consumer electronics, Panasonic has what it takes when it comes to offering premium quality fans that are reliable and durable. Needless to say, Panasonic fans are easily one of the most popular fans as people find them to be working exceptionallywell. In addition, it boasts acomprehensive lineup of fans that you can choose to suit your preference and temperament. Hence, Panasonic fans are going to empower your life like never before.

Panasonic Malaysia Fans - All About Cooling Your World

Whether you are living in a home or working in a office, it is undeniable that a good room temperature is anecessity. It is said that a good room temperature is ideally both comfortable and conducive to productivity at the same time. Not just that, it is also equally important as well in making sure that the room is neither too hot nor too cold. In addition, a slight change in the temperature of the room can really affect your mood, creativity, efficiency and motivation. In order to make sure that the room enjoys optimal room temperature, you should get fans that will improve airflow in the room.

Talking about Panasonic fans, they are also energy efficient as they consume less power in their operations. Surprisingly, they are able to provide superior performance so that you can enjoy the cooling in your room without worrying about power bill.

Popular Panasonic Malaysia Fans That Are Recommended For You

Panasonic Table Fans

Panasonic F-MN304 Table Fan 12"
Since it is a table fan, Panasonic F-MN304 Table Fan 12" is ideal to be placed on your favorite study or working desk. Simple and efficient, this Panasonic table fan is suitable for personal use as it is designed exclusively in cooling a small area. It features 3 speed settings so that you can adjust the fan speed to suit your preference. Not just that, it is able to provide cool through its 180 degree coverage as it moves back and forth. Most importantly,Panasonic F-MN304 Table Fan 12" houses a low noise condenser motor so that you can enjoy its performance comfortably as it does not make a lot of noise in its operation. For your cleaning needs, its stand base is actually detachable so that you will have easier time in cleaning and washing it.

Panasonic Wall Mounted Fans

Panasonic 45cm (18") Wall Fan F-MU453
Specifically designed to be mounted on the wall,Panasonic 45cm (18") Wall Fan F-MU453 gives you the opportunity of providing coverage at a certain angle. It is also known to be extremely tough with its highly resilient condenser motor that comes withpermanently lubricated ball-bearing assembly. As such, you can enjoy the fact that it lasts long for several years so that you do not have to replace it as often.

Panasonic Stand Fans

Panasonic (16") Stand Fan F-MX405
Offering you with better coverage,Panasonic (16") Stand Fan F-MX405 is your best choice in providing cooling and improving airflow in the small section of the room. For your own preference, you can always adjust its fan speed via3 Speed On/Off Push Button that is located strategically for your convenience.

Enjoying The Breeze Of Life With Panasonic Malaysia Fans

With the power in cooling your room and providing betterairflowin the room, Panasonic fans are definitely your best pick in getting products that offer optimal room temperature. If you want to know aobut the latest Panasonic products, you should take a look at Panasonic home & living products.