Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a company that sells, services, and markets electrical and electronic consumer and business solutions under the Panasonic name. It has had a long-standing presence for more than 30 years since its inception.


Top Panasonic Blenders Price List 2021

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Panasonic MX-900M RM 49.50 Shopee
Panasonic MX-800S RM 88.00 Shopee
Panasonic MX-GM1011H RM 66.00 Shopee
Panasonic MX-801S RM 45.00 Shopee
Panasonic MX-ZX1800 RM 1,495.00 Shopee
Panasonic MX-GX1581 RM 259.90 Shopee
Panasonic MX-M100WSL Blender RM 84.99 Shopee
Panasonic MX-SS40 RM 249.00 Shopee
Panasonic MX-M210SSL Blender RM 46.00 Shopee
Panasonic MX-GS1 RM 94.99 Shopee
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Panasonic MX-900M

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Panasonic Blenders Malaysia- Tips to Choose the Right Blender

Panasonic delivers a wide range of electronic products that could help to ease your house chores. One of the best products they have is their Panasonic blenders. They do produce various types of mixers that fulfill your need, from the blender for the light work to the one for the heavy work, they do have it all.

i. Consider the size

Mixers can be anywhere from 3 to 14 cups in size. It is important to choose the right one. If you are concerned about storage space, it might be a good idea to choose a compact, one-serving blender or if you often cook for a group of family or friends, upgrading to a larger size may be a good idea.

ii. Choose the right speed and power

Not every home needs a multi-function mixer. A simple but powerful machine can sometimes be the best. However, blenders can be used for surprisingly complex tasks like grinding meat, making nut butter, and chopping up ice cream. For the speed settings, less than three will not give you enough control, and more than 10 adjustments are not required. Normally, a 500-watt blender will be enough for a typical blender workload.

iii. Look for their special attachment

A gift or free service would be a bonus when you're purchasing your stuff. Sometimes, they do give out a jug or mug along with the mixer. So, if you wanted to feel like your purchase will worth your money then go for the one with the gift. And if you buy a blender online, try to find the one that offers free delivery for their product. From there, you can cut the delivery cost.

iv. Compare the price

Last but not least, try to spend some time comparing the price because sometimes you can find a cheaper price for the same product at other stores. Price is an important factor when buying the right machine. There are many high-quality, durable machine options on the market at an affordable price. There are also many professional machine options available at surprisingly high prices! Take the time to identify your budget and needs before making a purchase. Why spend more money when you can get the cheaper one right? You can try to check out iPrice website to compare all of the prices from all the online stores that sell out the product you want.