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Panasonic Malaysia: Your Go-To Shop for Consumer Electronic Products

One of the most renowned brands that you virtually see everywhere is Panasonic. From living room to bathroom to kitchen appliances, Panasonic has it all. This amazing brand has been taking over the world with their innovative creations. They make people’s lives simpler, more enjoyable, more productive, and more secure. Like most successful companies, Panasonic also has its share of a humble beginning.

The Panasonic Story

In 1918, Konosuke Matsushita, a Japanese industrialist, only started selling lamp sockets. He received a little fortune from this until he was able to produce his own products like bicycle lamps. In the 1950s to the 1970s, he was able to sell televisions, this time through his company - Panasonic. Panasonic also sold VHS, VCRs, high fidelity stereo receives, multiband shortwave radios, and marine radio direction finders. Their product line further expanded when Matsushita developed a line of home appliances like rice cookers.

Panasonic Today

Today, Panasonic has a vast range of product lines for various consumer electronic products. You can find all the devices and appliances you need for your household, from home appliances like refrigerators to cameras and camcorders to home entertainment products. They also have consumer and lifestyle products for your home and have their own line of professional broadcast and imaging equipment. They also manufacture stadium screens and green energy solutions, making Panasonic one of the most sought-after brands by businesses. What’s more, they even have a product line of electrical music instruments too. They were produced and marketed under the Technics brand, featuring electrical pianos and electrical organs. In addition, Panasonic manufactures other impressive devices such as avionic in-flight entertainment and in-car entertainment system.

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You may not realize it but Panasonic is actually one of those brands that could provide an efficient solution for your day-to-day hustle and bustle. Their highly efficient technology and products sold in the market today are made to make life easier. Click here to learn more about how Panasonic can solve your everyday needs.

Panasonic DH-3MP1 4 Stores
M series provides a range of new trendy designs.Simple and straight forward control panel home shower which allows you to experience luxurious,safe and comfortable shower everyday.The elegant designs fits any bathroom ' theme' or colors. *5 years Local Manafacturer Warranty On DC-Pump Ag+ Crystal : Antibacterial Shower Head Better Perfomance for Low Water Pressure : 4.9kPa *9 Safety Points 9 Safety Point 1 ) Insulated Structure -Comply with IEC 60529 (IP25) for protection provided by enclosure against access to harzardous parts with finger and foreign objects -Prevent fire/electric shock/injury 2 ) Water Splash Proof Case Cover -Comply with IEC 60529 (IP25) for protection provided by enclosure against harmful effect due to ingres of water -Prevent fire/electric shock 3 ) One Push ON-OFF Switch -Switch off both main power line and water supply line directly -Prevent burning and electric shock 4 ) Non Flammable Material Compliance -UL-94-V0 Classification Material - Self extinguish, non-combustible material for external casing ( Front Plate/Back Plate) -Prevent Fire 5 ) Manual Reset Thermostat -Cuts off power supply in the event of component failure resulting in continuous heating in abnormal conditions -Prevent fire 6 ) Reinforced Polyamide Heater Unit -Self extinguiish, non-combustible material for container -Heat Resistance 237 oC -Prevent fire -Detachable heater for easy maintenance and easy cleaning by authorized technician 7 ) Auto Thermal Cut-Off (55 oC) -Cuts off power supply in the event of water temperature exceeds hazards limit -Prevent from burns ( first-degree burn) 8 ) Built-in Earth Leakage Breaker (ELB) -Mechanical Type, Double Pole Switch -Double safety as it cuts off both neutral and live line completely if electricity leakage occurs -Power supply cuts off automatically when unit has current leakage -Prevent elactric shock 9 ) Water Flow Sensor -Cut off power supply if the water flow is too low which can lead to water temperature from becoming very hot -Prevent over-heating Read more
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Panasonic NN-GT353M
RM 459.00 RM 500.00

Panasonic NN-GT353M, Countertop, Combination microwave, 23 L, 800 W, Touch, Grey, Silver

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Panasonic NA-F65B2
RM 145.00 RM 198.00

Panasonic NA-F65B2, Freestanding, Top-load, Grey, Buttons, Black, 110 L

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Panasonic MX-900M 3 Stores
Are you looking for a blender that is built to last? Well look no further. The Panasonic 1.2L Blender MX-900M UM is your best choice! This blender is built only from durable materials. This indicates that it will survive almost any condition and will serve you whenever and wherever you need it. In other words, the MX-900M UM will not let you down! - Features - The Panasonic MX900M is simply an appliance that no kitchen can do without. With 350 watts of power and durable titanium micro blades, it has outrageous power to blend, grind and chop various ingredients effortlessly. Its ability to blend ice lets you create your favorite smoothie any time you like. The 1.2 litre jug has measuring guide for you to make various concoctions precisely. It is also detachable for easy cleaning. This blender is equipped with multiple safety features to protect you from any mishaps. Additionally, a dry mill attachment is included for grinding dry ingredients such as herbs and spices. - Convenient and Easy To Use - The Panasonic MX900M comes with a recipe book that will surely guide you on your route to become a good cook. Save your money from cooking classes. With this blender, you are in good hands. The buttons are very easy to navigate. Just switch it to turn it on and switch it back to power it down. In addition, the blender will also automatically shut down if whenever water makes contact with its internal parts. - About Panasonic - Since the founding of our company in 1918, we at Panasonic have been providing better living for our customers, always making people central to our activities, and thus focusing on people's lives. Going forward as well, based on our innovative electronics technology, we will provide a wide variety of products, systems, and services, ranging from consumer electronics products to industrial devices, building products, and housing. In various spaces and areas, such as homes, communities, businesses, journeys and automobiles, we will continue to work hard to offer new value for better living, and help realize A Better Life, A Better World for each individual customer. Read more
Panasonic EH-NE71 3 Stores
- Extra care with Shine Boost Design and ion - Shine Boost Design and ion conditioning leave your hair glossy, smooth and moisturized. - Enjoy Smooth And Shiny Hair - The Panasonic Care Series will enhance your hair's shine and beauty. The Shine Boost Design and ion conditioning leave your hair smooth, shiny and gorgeous. - The Shine Boost Design leaves your hair shiner - By blowing hot air from the center and cool air from both sides, the Shine Boost Design sends alternate bursts of hot and cool air to your hair. The dryer heats the hair and then immediately cools it, to regulate the surface temperature and leave the hair smooth and shiny. - Ion conditioning achieves extra care - A strong airflow packed with ions speed-dries your hair while preserving its natural gloss. Ions coat the surface of each hair, reducing static electricity and leaving the hair smooth and shiny. - Ions moisturize your hair - They coat the surface of each hair, adding moisture. - Ions neutralize the hair’s positive electrical charge - Hair naturally tends to have a positive electrical charge that makes it stand on end. Ions neutralize the charge, reducing static electricity to settle your hair and make it smoother. - Double External Ion Outlets - Ions are discharged from two independent ion outlets. Since this outlets are outside the hot-air nozzle, the ions do not dry out. They retain more moisture and deliver it to your hair. Ions are sensitive to heat. By sending them in cool air, they retain moisture which is then delivered to your hair. - Easy to hold - The ergonomically designed shape is well-balanced in the weight to achieve stable hold on to a grip. - Foldable design - The compact, foldable design takes up minimal space when not in use. - Cool-Shot Switch - Change between hot and cool with a single press of the switch. You don't even have to keep it pressed. It cools your hair in an instant, and keeps curls intact. Read more
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Panasonic PT-LB300
RM 2,488.00 RM 2,699.00

4 Ways Panasonic Solves Your Everyday Needs

Panasonic Malaysia is a well-known electronic brand of quality and innovation. They rose to fame initially with their electronic home appliances, now the company has already expanded their range of products from dental care, hair care, medical supplies, all the way to mobile phones and more. Because of that, it's safe to say that Panasonic is a brand that can provide a fix to all your everyday needs, here's how.

Keep your hygiene in check

There's no shortage of hygiene efficient technology in Panasonic Malaysia's range of body care supplies. They have some of the most innovative equipment and tools for your body care needs such as the following.

Dental care products

They have a range of electric toothbrushes which are named as the Sonicare series. The Sonicare toothbrushes are battery operated and can efficiently clean your teeth efficiently and effortlessly. They have electric toothbrushes for both kids and adults. The Sonicare electric toothbrush also has accessories and replacement brushes sold separately because changing the brushes should be done as often as you would with a regular toothbrush. Apart from their innovative electric toothbrush series, they also have hydro powered flosses.

Shaving supplies

Panasonic shaving supplies are not just made for men, but they also have shaving equipment designed to be delicate with women’s body care needs. From beard trimmers, all-in-one styler, ear & nose trimmer, to waterproof electric razors, there is sure to be one that’s designed for your delicate skin.

Hair care

Hair styling equipment such as curler, hair iron, and hairdryers are also part of Panasonic wide array of products catered towards your body care needs. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ll find that their hair care equipment is top notch when it comes to efficiency and quality.

Non-stop entertainment

Whether you’re at home or on the go, Panasonic has all the products that you will ever need to fight the boredom away. This has been the niche where Panasonic is most famous for because of home appliances have been the front line of their branding. Today, Panasonic offer some of the best LED Televisions, UHD TVs, DVD players, and media players in the market.


Panasonic TVs are globally recognized innovative television sets that come with top-notch quality and after sales support. Not only do they provide a complete modern day viewing experience excellent service for the repair needs of their TVs. They have Super Slim TVs for a more compact but still immersive viewing experience, and their range of Smart TVs that offer multimedia functions apart from just watching shows and movies.


Ultra HDTVs are television sets which are capable of displaying 4K content. It comes with a resolution of 3840x2160 (minimum) making it four times the resolution of regular HD TV. 4K TV is the television of the future, as more and more media content are pushed to provide such resolution. Panasonic 6000 series is the brand’s pioneer for the Ultra HD TVs competition in the market today.


Panasonic lets you take pleasure in the simple things in life with their classic CD soundmachine. It’s compact and portable and could play all sorts disc, from CD to Bluray. It comes with easy connectivity, you can plug and play your portable audio devices or smartphone with the use of a 3.5 mm port, or with your computer with their range of connectivity ports. Not only is it portable and convenient but it can also pack a punch with its Dynamic Bass Boost sound system.

Home theater

Today, home viewing experience wouldn’t be complete with a home theater to complement your favorite TV set with an audio system that can bring your show’s sounds to life. Panasonic home theater sets offer impressive sounds due to its 3D speakers powered by Dolby Atmos - an audio system certification in most cinemas nowadays.


If you are on the go, Panasonic headphones in Malaysia will make your listening experience as immersive as it could get. They have on-ear and in-ear headphones, each designed to provide an efficient listening experience for all sorts of activities.

Home and living essentials

Whether it’s for your kitchen, your bathroom, or your garden. Panasonic has all the equipment and accessories to provide your home what it needs.

Kitchen and cooking

Your cooking needs will be fulfilled with Panasonic wide array of electronic kitchen and cooking equipment. From rice cookers, grillers, juicers, blenders, to electric kettles, cooking and dining made easier with Panasonic kitchen and cooking equipment.

Home lighting

One of the most popular products from Panasonic is their light bulbs. Their lightbulbs are among the top choice because they have a long lifespan, they’re energy efficient, and they offer some of the brightest bulbs that will last years and years.