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Panasonic – A Better Life, A Better World

Take a walk around your house. One brand that will common everywhere, from your living room, your bathroom, you sister’s room and even your mom’s kitchen is Panasonic. This amazing brand has been taking over the world with their innovative creation. Every moment of every day, individuals everywhere turn to Panasonic to make their lives simpler, more enjoyable, more productive and more secure.

Panasonic – Hassle Free technologies

At Panasonic, you can find everything for your household from home appliances like Fridge –Freezers, Camera & Camcorders to Home Entertainment products like Home Cinema Systems and Blu-ray and DVD Players and their extremely famous VIERA Televisions.

Young people today are what we call a true ‘YouTube generation’. Their life is filled with social videos from YouTube and other sites that they watch on their PC, tablet and smartphone. At the same time, these same young people are also creators, expressing their creativity by creating and sharing videos online. Panasonic VIERA 4K, the latest innovative creation from the VIERA family is not just a normal TV. With ultra-high definition and a massive 65-inch screen, it is the perfect screen to enjoy watching online videos such as YouTube videos. Furthermore, the new voice search function makes it easier to search for online content. Now, you can simply control the remote control vocally to find a video to watch online on your TV!

Get revolutionized today with Panasonic

From consumer and lifestyle products for your home and adventures, to professional broadcast and imaging equipment, to stadium screens and green energy solutions, Panasonic is with you throughout your day. Get your helpful Panasonic today exclusively from iprice.

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Panasonic has been providing people around the world with many electronic solutions through their products which range from the household items to entertainment products - and even in aviation in-flight entertainment.

Looking for a quick way to make the games you play, and the movies you watch to look better than it is? This Panasonic 55" TH-55CX700K 3D 4K UHD LED TV is a must have for any home or room owner. Offering brighter whites, richer colors, and thinner bezels, this Panasonic television is the solution you have been looking for. Adorn your household with this beautifully crafted piece of modern art, on a surface or a wall, your room will look great even while it is not turned on. Absolute Clarity This Panasonic TV is larger than ever, and is fitted with a 55-inch 4K IPS LED Super Bright Plus screen with a default 3820 x 2160 pixel resolution. Viewers can expect this Panasonic TV to burst into life in a full spectrum of colours to blow your mind away. The LED will assist in reproducing clearer images even in bright places to ensure you get the best picture quality possible. 4K Standard Appreciate detail with the latest standard in resolution. 4K came, dominated, and is here to stay. Panasonic’s TH-55CX700K has a high-performance image processing engine to renders intricate and detailed imagery. It achieves elegant image quality with brilliantly precise colors, added with improved noise reduction. Motion is also compensated to grant fluid and seamless movement the moment the unit is switched on for an enriched viewing experience. Quad Pro Engine 4K imagery should be enjoyed by everybody, and this is also made available because of the Quad Pro Engine, exclusive to Panasonic. This feature permit smoother gradation and detailed black expression, offering blacker blacks. After plenty of tinkering, the TH-55CX700K is a masterpiece, and is in a class of its own, as it delivers accurate color in any brightness level. True to Life Colors Color plays a big part when displays are discussed, nobody enjoys viewing their favourite movies, programs or game on a television with washed out colors. However, with the Panasonic, its Hexa Chroma Drive will deliver richer, brighter and sharper pixels a person could ever ask for. This technology employs 6-Color Reproduction and is assisted even further to deliver an image that is stunning and life-like to the world around you. Take on 4K People may argue, decoding 4K signals would be taxing on any modern device. But the TH-55CX700K and its 4K HEVC decoder has made it possible, achieving smoother streams of online 4K resolution content. Superior imagery is made available on a variety of platforms, notably Netflix being one of the major content provider. Watch your favourite shows on Netflix without the need of a bulky personal computer. Come to Life Back then, no one would have thought it was possible to ever watch movies in 3D in the comfort of your own home. Years later, almost every movie in the theater is in 3D. Thanks to Panasonic’s 3D solution, you can now enjoy and savor those movies on your own couch, on your own television and in your pajamas. Unrivaled Connectivity Viewers can now pair your smartphones or tablets with the Panasonic TV and freely share content through it. Instead of having to watch a video on a small smartphone display, viewers can now stream it from your mobile devices onto your brand new TV screen without having to lift your arm to find the remote. A perfect feature for professional couch potatoes

Panasonic - A Better Life, A Better World

Panasonic Logo

Ask your parents about Panasonic, and they will tell you that Panasonic used to be called Matsushita Electric - bet you did not know that!

A Japanese multinational electronics corporation founded in 1918 by Konosuke Matushita, a Japanese industrialist - also known as the god of management for the Japanese. The company first started as a dealer of sorts for lamp sockets. Only in 1927 did it begin producing its own product: bicycle lamps solder under the brand National. The company was named Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd, but it was later renamed to Panasonic Corporation in October 1, 2008.

Wait - what?

For the uninformed, Panasonic also had a variety of different brands under their name. National was one of them. The brand National is very commonly well known throughout Asia, acknowledged to be a very good manufacturer for home electronics such as the ever famous table fans we Malaysians know, as well as rice cookers. We'll have to thank Panasonic Malaysia for their great rice cookers and table fans!

Among other products, Panasonic also has other fields that they operate in, such as avionic in-flight entertainment and in-car entertainment system. In the past they were also one of the big players of the Japanese mobile phone market.

And just another fun fact: Did you know that Panasonic made electrical music instruments too? They were produced and marketed under the Technics brand, featuring electrical pianos and electrical organs - which was once a very in thing in Malaysia back then.

The Panasonic we know today

What about the Panasonic of today? They're still kicking hard, being one of the largest Japanese electronic producers besides from the others. It was in the top 5 list of world's largest television manufacturer in 2012.

Just last year, Panasonic made a revnue of 7.736 trillion Japanese Yen in revenue, that's a lot of zeros behind.

Panasonic Lumix Camera

Lumix Camera

The Lumix brand is Panasonic's own division for camera devices. They range from the standard entry-level point-and-shoot digital cameras, all the way up to the pro-level DSLR cameras.

The first Panasonic Lumix cameras were released back in 2001 - and they were equipped with the legendary Leica lenses, a German optics company known very well for their high quality lenses. However, even today most Lumix cameras are equipped with Leica lenses, so you can be rest assured the images are bound to be of very high quality. All Panasonic cameras are also loaded up with their Venus Engine, a digital imaging processing engine by Panasonic.

There are many different types of Panasonic Lumix camera series: DMC-FX: A line of compact cameras targeted at social photography, aptly fitting with its very stylish and sleek looks. The DMC-FX30 was also the world's slimmest camera that has a 28mm wide camera lens

DMC-FZX: Who says compact cameras can't have good zoom? The DMC-FZX line of cameras are compact, and yet can also provide up to 12 times of optical zoom! No more blurry digital noise with digital zoom! For those who are also more experienced in photography, the extra advanced controls such as manual focus will come in handy to take that perfect shot.
DMC-FZxx: Want a slightly more advance camera, but then you figured out that DSLRs are too complex - and point-and-shoot cameras just don't suit you? The DMC-FZxx series of cameras are bridge cameras; like their name, they are basically a bridge in between the simplicity of point-and-shoot cameras and DSLR cameras. They feature advance controls similar to those from a DSLR, but can be operated simply like a point-and-shoot camera, neato! For those who like all the glorious high-definitions will be glad to know that some of their models feature up to 4K resolution in video recording too!
DMC-G: A series of cameras that utilize what is called the "Micro Four Thirds System", which is a benchmark of sorts that was made by Panasonic for mirror-less cameras. In simple terms, they are cameras using a 4/3-type image sensor, but in a compact form, hence the term "micro".
DMC-L: The big boys, the DSLR line of cameras for Panasonic cameras. Like other DSLRs, they feature a comprehensive list of manual controls, from exposure to arperture - for those who are photography savvy, they will definitely prefer something like this. Panasonic's DSLR cameras were also one of the first DSLR cameras that could project a live image on its LCD screen when composing a shot.
DMC-LS: For those who just like the simple things - or maybe for your child. The DMC-LS is a line of budget cameras by Panasonic, giving the most basic of features for basic camera uses. They were also fully made of plastic and powered by simple store bought double A batteries.
DMC-LX: The complete opposite of the DMC-LX, these are compact cameras with high-end features and more advance controls for those who want a little more kick out of their camera. This line of cameras also has the capability to record in RAW for high-fidelity editing post-shot.
DMC-SZ: A mid-range camera that's more affordable, and yet provides the user with optical zoom capabilities of up to 12x with its awesome ultra-wide Leica lenses.
DMC-TS/DMC-FT: The 'Hummer' of cameras - these models are ruggedized cameras meant to take a beating from the environment. Dropped it? No problem. Going swimming? Swim with it. Caught yourself in a dust storm? Your camera would probably come out better than you.
DMC-TZ/DMC-ZS: For those who really, really, need that zoom. The DMC-TZ/DMC-ZS line of compact cameras can give up to 20x optical zoom with its 28mm wide angle lens.

With so many different cameras to choose from, there's a suitable Panasonic Lumix Camera for everyone, so think about what type of camera you need and go and browse that sales gallery for the one you want!

Panasonic LED TV

Panasonic LED TV

One of the more commonly seen products of Panasonic Malaysia is also their LED TV line. By LED TV, it means that the display of the TV is illuminated with backlights by sets of LED lights in the TV.

There are many different types of Panasonic TVs, ranging from various screen sizes and features. There TVs with features such as a 3D compatible screen. There are even TVs that are smart TVs. Smart TVs are basically TVs with applications like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube built in to them; or they are built with a mobile operating system such as Android.

Here are some of Panasonic Malaysia's offerings for their LED TVs:

  • TH-85X940K

    • High-end LED TV
    • A massive whooping 85" 4K resolution LED TV
    • Smart features (web browsing, internet applications)
    • 3D capabilities
    • 2x front facing speakers, 2x woofers
  • TH-60CX700K

    • 60" 4K resolution LED TV
    • Smart features (web browsing, internet applications)
    • 3D capabilities
    • 2x full range speakers
  • TH-55CS630K

    • 55" Full HD LED TV
    • Smart features (web browsing, internet applications)
    • 2x full range speakers
  • TH-40CS620K

    • 40" Full HD LED TV
    • Smart features (web browsing, internet applications)
    • 2x full range speakers
  • TH-50C300K

    • Basic LED TV
    • 50" Full HD LED TV
    • 2x full range speakers

Now that you've seen a few of their awesome TV offerings, there's no doubt you will want to check out more Panasonic LED TVs at the shopping gallery.

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