This local drugstore brand is extremely famous for their Cocoa Butter lotion. But Palmer’s line has more everything good for your skin, harnessed directly from our Mother Nature like shea butter, olive butter, olive oil, and more. Learn more about Palmer’s here.


Palmer’s Malaysia – Harnessing nature’s natural goodness

Do you know that our Mother Nature is filled with natural goodness? From the seeds to the flowers and even the roots, everything around us is jam-packed with benefits that we greatly desire for our overall beauty, inside out. Out of the many great things that we love about our beloved and rich nature, we are so very grateful for the existence of Cocoa Butter. And how do we know about the goodness of this magical ingredient? Through Palmer’s of course. Way before Cocoa Butter became the mainstream moisturizer it is today, Palmer’s had the market exclusive on it.

Palmer’s – How it all started

The Palmer’s brand is a part of the family-owned E.T. Browne Drug Company, which launched in the 19th century. Under its current ownership since 1971, this New Jersey-based company has developed a line of products best known for its innovative cocoa butter formulas. While cocoa butter made the brand famous, it has since expanded its product line to include other ingredients that can help nourish the skin.

The company's mission includes using high-quality ingredients in its affordable products. Palmer's Malaysia strives to offer its customers superior formulations that deliver impressive results. It achieves this goal by using hand-crafted formulas designed by the company's experienced employees. As a result, Palmer's guarantees the quality of every product it sells.

The company does more than simply develop skin care products. It also gives back to the community in which it works. Palmer's is a member of the World Cocoa Foundation, which is an international nonprofit organization that supports cocoa farmers in 15 countries. This organization helps these individuals create sustainable farms that can grow and thrive. In addition, Palmer's sponsors other charitable organizations, including Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the Young People's Chorus of New York City.

Palmer’s Malaysia – All about the Cocoa Butter

If you are not familiar with the term cocoa butter, the very first thought you might have would be something to do with a chocolate dessert but think again! This ingredient has any great benefits for your skin. And If it is not clear enough for you, yes, Palmer’s core ingredient has been Cocoa Butter for the last 40 years. They call it nature’s super beauty ingredient because of its superior healing properties and its ability to help skin retain moisture for a longer period of time.

Cocoa butter comes from the cacao bean which is found inside the cocoa pod that grows on the cacao tree. The cocoa pod is a large gourd-shaped fruit with over 30-40 cocoa seeds inside it. These seeds are then fermented in banana leaves, dried, roasted and pressed before releasing the vegetable fat from the beans. And that is the very fat we is in most of Palmer’s product – Cocoa Butter.

There are a few ways your skin can benefit from Cocoa Butter.

  • Antioxidants - Cocoa butter is high in antioxidants which help fight offfree radicals that can cause skin aging, dark patches and dull skin.
  • Stretch Mark Reducer: Cocoa butter is widely noted to help reduce stretch marks. This secret tip is highly shared among pregnant woman and the stretch mark lotion collection at Palmer’s has even Jennifer Love Hewitt hooked to it.
  • Deep Hydration: Cocoa butter is high in fatty acids that helps in keeping the skin hydrated.
  • Sensitive Skin Healer:Cocoa Butter has its healing power against skin irritants too such as eczema and dermatitis.

Palmer’s Shea Formula – Raw Shea, Raw Beauty

Hailing all the way from the African Savannah, Palmer’s Malaysia launches a new Shea Formula with an all new packaging, formulation and fragrance. This butter is sourced from the Karite tree that is only found in the African Savannah. The African culture have used Shea Butter for thousands of years to keep skin healthy, soft and naturally nourished.

Palmer’s Shea Formula features African Marula Oil, an all-natural, cold pressed, highly nutritious light textured oil. It is rich in antioxidants and Omega 9-oleic and Omega 6-linoleic essential fatty acids that helps in hydrating and reducing the redness of your skin while nourishing, healing, moisturizing and improving skin’s elasticity. And the best thing, the Marula Fruit contains four times as much Vitamin C as an orange, and is also rich in Vitamin E that help improve radiance and skin elasticity.

Palmer’s - Our top 10 pick

Note: This pick was one extremely difficult task as everything from Palmer’s is outstanding in its own way. Picking out these to 10 has been one of our hardest tasks so far. Presenting, Palmer’s cream of the crop.

  • Palmer’s Coco Butter Formula Daily Skin Therapy
  • Palmer’s Coco Butter Formula SPF 15 Body Lotion
  • Palmer’s Shea Formula Raw Shea Body Lotion
  • Palmer’s Shea Formula Raw Shea Hand Cream
  • Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Coconut Oil Hair Milk Smoothie
  • Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Curl Styler Cream Pudding
  • Palmer’s Coco Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks
  • Palmer’s Coco Butter Formula Tummy Butter For Stretch Marks
  • Palmer’s Manuka Formula Manuka Flower Honey Leave-in Conditioner
  • Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner

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