At the height of modest fashion, Owl by Nora Danish is making a huge difference in both style and design. Check out the best hijabs, baju kurung designs, dresses and more from the brand or find out about 10 hijab tips and tricks below. One of the best brands when it comes to modest fashion, Owl by Nora Danish brings you a selection of hijabs, shawls, dresses, and kurung designs for your #MuslimahOOTD. Be confident in modest fashion with Owl by Nora Danish in Malaysia!


Owl By Nora Danish Malaysia - 10 Hijab Tips and Tricks

Thanks to the representation of many Muslimah fashion designs, modest fashion are becoming more and more popular these days. Since making a debut in fashion week, more women are becoming more and more confident in their hijabs and embracing fashion trends. Providing you with fashion forward pieces, Owl by Nora Danish has a great selection of items that would make your #OOTDs more exciting! Here are some hijab styling tips and tricks from Owl by Nora Danish Malaysia:

Give your Hijab Volume

When creating a look, always add a little volume to your hijab. There are several styles out there that you can easily recreate to add drama to your head scarf. You can braid, tie knots, add layers, accessories, it's a beautiful mess that you can never go wrong with any outfit. Not only does it add volume, it can also make you look taller and high fashion.

Don't Be Afraid of Bold Patterns

Spice up your hijab with color… literally! Don't be afraid to experiment with different scarf patterns and motifs. For femininity, floral patterns are always a go-to as well as geometric and bohemian. This goes well with a monochromatic look so that you can add contrast to all the dark colors in your outfit.

Match your Hijab to your Accessory

Accessories are a must-have for any #OOTD regardless of whether it's modest or not. If you are in the mood to add in some belts or jewelry to your outfit, make sure that it matches. For example, if you have a leopard print hijab, a leopard print belt would definitely give your outfit that oomph that you're looking for.

Try Other Hijab Fabrics and Textures

Going back to providing volume to your hijab, one way to do it is to experiment on several fabrics. Crepe material, lace, and even knits are great fabrics to start. Paired with a great hijab style, textured fabric can be a unique accent to your outfit. It's different, it's chic and it's high fashion.

Bronze up for the Summer

If you're gearing up for the summer, why not spice up your modest outfit by wearing hijabs that are paler than your skin tone! Light beige and neutrals are a great way to embrace your skin color plus, it is easy to pair with other garments in your #OOTD.

You can Never Go Wrong with Bright Colors

If you are tired of neutrals, then go bright! Bright colors, especially neons provide a bolder, and chic-er look. While it does make your outfit stand out among the rest, it can be harder to pair it with other garments in your outfit so always make sure that you complement your neon hijab.

Learn More than just One Style

If you want to spice up your outfit, then you need to learn more than just one style of hijab. There are countless tutorials all over the internet that you can learn from. You can add personal touches to your head scarf by adding accessories or experimenting on different folds and knots. You can also create different looks from different fabrics!

Wear Different Shades of the Same Color

For ladies who are not familiar with color complements or the color wheel, there's one easy way to match your outfit with your hijab and that's to wear different shades of the same color. If you want pastels, you can wear baby blue, pinks, lavenders, and the entire color family. Make sure to spice it up with cute patterns on your accessories!

If you can, Tie it Like a Turban!

A turban is all the rage in today's modest fashion! It's different, chic, and unique, making it the perfect choice for many Muslim ladies out there. Like a hijab, there are many ways to tie a turban depending on how bold you want it to be. Turbans, however, do not cover the neck so you may have to wear a scarf or a turtleneck.

Always Be Confident

Lastly, a great outfit can only be as great as its wearer. When wearing your outfit, always be confident in it. No matter how beautiful your outfit or how expensive your clothes are, if you don't own it, then it wouldn't work. Even if you think it's simple, accessorize with your attitude; it can go a long way.