Who doesn't enjoy a juicy meal cooked on a barbeque grill? The fragrance of freshly grilled food is the best thing in the world. Everyone can be the chef at home. There are multiple choices in Malaysia when it comes to BBQ grill, learn more about BBQ grills below.

Top 5 BBQ Grills in Malaysia to Buy | How to Choose the Best Grill | Electric vs Gas vs charcoal - which is the best grill?


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All You Need to Know about Barbeque Grills

Barbeque or informally known as BBQ is a cooking method or device, and a name for a meal or a gathering where this style of food is being cooked and served. The activity of grilling can be super fun too because we can spend our valuable time with friends and family together during weekends or holidays.

Top 5 BBQ Grills in Malaysia to Buy

We can do so much with BBQ grills, basically, you can cook anything from an assortment of fish, meat, and vegetables outdoor or indoor. Read on to find out the top 5 BBQ grill you can get in Malaysia.

ITATA BBQ Grill Folding Charcoal Picnic for Barbecue Camping

The ITATA folding BBQ grill is super affordable and simple yet flexible to use. It features a wide cooking area and perfects to make food for a family of four. It can easily fold into a compact box with a handle if you would like to take on for a picnic or camping. Plus it comes with a grill lid to keep your food warm and clean.

Outdoor Foldable Standing BBQ Grill With Rotisserie Skewer

The HZA-8802A is an outdoor standing BBQ stove that is able of folding its legs for easy storage and portability. It offers a spit roasting skewer or rotisserie to make any big BBQ foods like whole chicken and slabs of meat easier.

Mitoyos Electric Smokeless Grill Barbeque Set

Staying in an apartment but crave BBQ? This Mitoyos Electric Smokeless Grill is the best choice for apartments with a small balcony. The BBQ grill is compact and stylish, featuring a drip tray, adjustable grill height and thermostat, and microswitch safety lock.

Anti-rust Steel BBQ Grill Drum Medium Size

This BBQ Grill is built with a durable anti-rust steel construction all around the body. It comes with two pieces of stainless-steel grill nets for better grilling. There are also handles attached to the grill for portability.

Shuangchi BBQ Grill

This BBQ Grill comes with a three-burner equipped with an infrared heating system and electronic ignition. It is designed to be smokeless, and features a smart thermostat and an oil collection plate to ensure your safety and efficiency.

How to Choose the Best Grill

Aiming for a new grill for a family or buddy bonding BBQ party? Take a look at these 3 features to help your choose your best grill:

  • Spacious shelving on the sides - able to have an extra place to hold your meat, condiments or whatever you plan to grill.
  • A built-in thermostat - grilling is all about temperature, you don't want to let your meals burnt and serve on your guest's plate.
  • Grill size - Measure the area where you intend to put your grill to ensure it fits in your space.

Electric vs Gas vs charcoal - which is the best grill?

The answer depends on the living space or environment, flavour, and the group size you're having. Electric grills are more suitable for people who live in an apartment that does not allow gas or charcoal grilling. Besides, the one with ample outdoor yard or grilling space can go for gas grills as they are easier to use and heat up quickly. Now, if you love the amazing smoky flavour and don't want to break the bank, charcoal grills are the best choice, plus they work well for smaller groups.