Otterbox Malaysia offers a vast selection of quality-made cases for various smartphones. If you are in the market for one, check out this guide here to help you find the perfect case for your device. You can also check out the latest Otterbox cases below.

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Your Guide to Buying Smartphone Cases with Otterbox Malaysia

If you shell out a lot of money on your new smartphone or tablet, then it’s best to spend a little more on cases and covers just to make sure it doesn’t get scratched or broken. There are three different types of cases, each one has its own pros and cons.

Rugged cases

They are typically bulky and heavy, so you need to get a belt clip or holster to keep them if you’re on the go. Their air pockets and reinforced corners greatly lower the risk of damage to your device despite their large build. Also, they are easy to grip even with wet hands.

Most rugged cases cover every angle which includes the touchscreen and the buttons. However, do keep in mind that there are thicker variants that make the buttons harder to press and affect your phone’s touchscreen sensitivity. So, if you think your device will be harder to use with a rugged case, then it’s best to look for a less bulky and thick variant.

Another notable feature of rugged cases is the water resistance protection which is denoted by IP (Ingress Protection) rating. This will provide you an insight into the case’s ability to withstand dust and water. If you find a particular case that wields this feature, then it’s a great choice.

Tough cases

If you need a case that can withstand a drop but doesn’t add a lot of bulk or forfeits style, then you might probably want a tough case which is available on the market. A good tough case like those from Otterbox Malaysia should have a layer of hard polycarbonate with a softer silicone lining that can absorb shock.

There are also some variants of tough cases that are a bit bulky and heavy but they come in a wide range of styles. Although they offer maximum protection on the back, you might also need to add some protection on the front of your device in case you drop your phone and lands face down. Also, make sure you choose one that comes with an added grip to lower the chances that you’ll drop it.

Slim cases

If your phone looks gorgeous, then you might not want to cover it. It’s best to go for translucent slim cases that not only allow your phone’s design to shine through but also offer protection against scratches. Not to mention, they will improve your phone’s chances of enduring a fall. Also, there’s a lot of quality-made slim cases that are affordable so there’s no need to shell out a lot of money to get one.

How to Select the Right Phone Case

Do a Comparison Search

When looking for smartphone cases, make sure you do a comparison search in order to find the right case at the best price. Although many online marketplaces offer affordable smartphone cases, not all are authentic so you better keep an eye on knockoffs. Also, before you shell out money for expensive cases, it’s best to check whether it comes with a lifetime warranty so you can get the most out of the case.

Read product reviews

If you are interested in a specific smartphone case, make sure to read its reviews. If you can’t find reviews for that model, you can check the reviews of other variants for the same manufacturer. This will give you an idea whether the manufacturer offers quality cases. If you want to read more feedback about the case or the manufacturer, you can also go to various forums around the web where people might be discussing the particular smartphone case you like and posting images of it.

Select the Right Features

Aside from shock protection, you might also need to consider extra features for your smartphone case. For tablets, you might want a case that sports a landscape stand. There are also variants that have multiple positions and 360-degree hinges. For phones, cases like those from Otterbox Malaysia are a popular option since they come with a kickstand that pops out the back. If you opt for one, make sure you pick a case that has a secure kickstand. This is because it can be annoying if it pops out inadvertently. So, before you go shop for a case, make sure to list down all the features you think are essential.

Figure out how much protection you need

There are certain occasions that we might accidentally drop our phones. If you have a serious case of butterfingers, then you might need a tougher case. Having one will stop you from worrying should you drop it on concrete or any hard surfaces. If you are the type who’s very careful with your devices, then you can go for a case that offers basic protection which doesn’t require you to shell out a lot of money.