Perhaps one of the oldest brands of Swiss watches, Oris has set the standard higher when it comes to timepieces. If you’re looking for a premium brand with premium quality watches and watch accessories, then Oris would never disappoint. Whether you’re a watch enthusiast or someone who’s looking to start your own collection, Oris watches would be a great brand to start. Check out the best watches from Oris Malaysia or read more about the brand’s collection below.


The Best Oris Watch Collections in Malaysia

When you talk about premium watch brands, Oris will never be out of the topic. Oris is one of the oldest Swiss watch brands, carefully preserving more than a century’s worth of traditional watchmaking. As far back as their history goes, the brand is never the last to integrate game-changing technology which further makes their watches all the more desirable. To cater to their patrons better, Oris has created four divisions: Diving, Culture, Aviation, and Motor Sport.

Oris Diving

For a time now, diving watches have been a favourite amongst many collectors for their function and rugged aesthetic. Trusted by professional divers like Roman Frischknecht, Anna Von Boetticher, Carlos Coste, Guido Sassoli, and Jerome Delafosse, Oris Diving watches are ones that you should never take lightly. Created to withstand the immense pressure of the depths, Oris is one step closer to providing a truly waterproof watch. Oris Diving is divided into several more collections:

  • Oris Aquis - nothing but a high-performance watch that has real-world functionality. This watch collection boasts bold and robust watch designs that you will never find anywhere.
  • Oris Divers - inspired by the classic Divers Sixty-Five looks, particularly 1965. They may look vintage but underneath its exterior is a modern Swiss watch ready for service.
  • Oris Prodiver - every professional diver’s watch, Oris Prodiver gives you a first-hand look at their RSS bezel-locking system and 100-bar/1,000-metre water resistance.

Oris Culture

Paying tribute to arts and culture, Oris has created a great selection of watches for artists whether you’re into music, visual art, and lifestyle. Art and culture is part of everyone’s life, and so should Oris. Here are some collections that you should check out.

  • Oris Artelier - as part of the Oris commitment to heritage and innovation, Oris Artelier is a collection of watches that feature a number of improved technologies in a distinct Oris fashion.
  • Oris Artix - bringing together classic design and contemporary technology, Oris Artix is an avant-garde collection you have never seen before.
  • Oris Rectangular - a rectangular case has always its appeal. From its tall and broad-shouldered shape, Oris Rectangular is a prime example of the brand’s respect for traditional watchmaking.
  • Oris Classic - this collection is a true testament that the simplest can also be the best. The Oris Classic is a timeless collection featuring round-cased watches in metallic silver and gold finishes.

Oris Aviation

Like nautical watches, aviator’s watches have also been a favourite from Oris. From the depths of the ocean to new heights up in the air, Oris is one watch brand to look out for. Trusted by pilots from all over the globe including Paul Ruppeiner and the Swiss Hunter team, and Don Vito Wyprächtiger and the Swiss Air Racing Team, Oris has pioneered a lot of innovations that have placed the brand on a pedestal in the watch industry. Oris has a number of collections under this division:

  • Oris Big Crown Propilot - cockpit-ready and imbued with cutting-edge watch technology, the Oris Big Crown Propilot has pioneered and revolutionized the industry.
  • Oris BC3 - the best pilot watch must be accurate, robust, and ready for action - exactly what watches from the Oris BC3 collection is. It is what every pilot needs up in the air.
  • Oris Big Crown - since the dawn of aviation in the 1910s, Oris has been playing a major role in creating the best aviation watches. Taking inspiration from vintage designs, the Oris Big Crown collection features watches with rustic and classic silhouettes that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Oris Air Racing Edition - as a collaboration with Swiss aerobatic pilot Don Vito Wyprächtiger who became the first non-American to win the Formula One Gold Race at the Reno Air Race, the Oris Air Racing Edition is a one-of-a-kind watch limited to only 1,000 pieces!

Oris Motor Sport

Living life on the edge, Oris Motor Sport has partnered with several F1 racing professionals along with a partnership with the luxury car brand Audi. Featuring watches at the forefront of innovation and aesthetics, Oris Motor Sports watches are further divided into three collections:

  • Oris Williams - in partnership with Williams Formula 1 Team, this collection was launched in 2015 bringing the speed, power, and technology of a race car to a watch.
  • Oris Artix GT - loaded with innovation, the Oris Artix GT is a unique watch collection made solely for racing. Each watch features a bi-rotating bezel with a ceramic insert and a “good grip” rubber for quick and accurate readings.
  • Oris Chronoris - originally released in the 1970s, the Chronoris is Oris’ first chronograph watch and is making a great comeback with new and improved innovations underneath its classic exterior.

Oris is a brand that you should never think twice about having. This Swiss brand is at the peak of its game when it comes to creating the best timepieces regardless of your lifestyle. Bring home your own Oris watch now!