Japanese luxury watch maker Orient has been in the watch making business for many years. They manufacture luxury watches that are incredibly simple and elegant, and yet also affordable compared to many other luxury watch brands. Their own exclusive in-house watch movements are also very efficient compared to other watch brands. Read more here.

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Orient Luxury Watches

Watches are quite interesting items to look at. They may seem like a necessity at times, but yet they can also feel rather unnecessary and redundant with other items that can tell us the time. Watches and timepieces have also changed a lot over the years: They are not only meant to be functional items today that can tell us the time and dates, but also as luxury items that is seemingly befit to express a person's stature and exudes a sense of class.

Expensive luxury watches are not all about the use of expensive and premium materials throughout its built though. The beautiful diamonds, gold, or other precious metals may make up the exterior of a luxury watch, but the insides also matter a lot for luxury watches too. The insides of a watch are called "movements", and it is a common thing for luxury watches to have very precise movements that are either hand made or made with a lot of unique designs and precisions.

Origins of the Orient Watch Company

The Orient Watch Company is a watch manufacturer that focuses on luxury mechanical watches. They are based in Japan, with their headquarters located in Chiyoda, Tokyo. The company's origins goes back all the way to 1901 when Shogoro Yoshida opened a shop called the Yoshida Watch Shop in Ueno, Taito, Tokyo. Yoshida ran the shop with a wholesale business model and became successful with selling imported pocket watches.

Following that success, Yoshida expanded his business in 1912 to begin producing gold wristwatch cases. In 1920, Toyo Tokei Manufacturing was established, producing table clocks and gauges as their first and main product lines. From there, Toyo Tokei started producing wristwatches as well, and then the Hino Factory was built in 1936, where it boomed with the manufacturing of wristwatches, but eventually shut down following the poor economy after the second world war.

The company we know of today, Orient Watches, rose from the ashes of the Toyo Takei Manufacturing in the form of the Tama Keiki Company, still also producing wristwatches at the same Hino Factory. The name of the company would then be changed to the one we know: Orient Watches. They gained international expansion after a trade agreement with China, and then to other regions throughout the years of their operations. Today they are part of the Seiko group of companies as well.

Why Choose An Orient Watch?

There are an abundance of companies out there that are involved in the luxury watch industry. And even in the luxury watch market there are the really expensive watches, the not-so expensive watches, and the affordable luxury watches. Luckily for us all however, Orient produces affordable luxury watches.

That is not to say that Orient produces watches that are not luxurious feeling at all, but their watches do have very elegant and luxurious and classy looking designs, such as those found in their Classic Automatic watches line. Orient puts together expensive looking watches that function exceptionally well, but without the expensive part.

Orient's watch movements are also made of high quality components and are also more efficient than some of its competitors. Orient makes it a point to make their watch movements as simple and straightforward as possible, doing away with all of the frilly and pretty looks that is found inside, and focusing on its function. To maintain a high standard of quality and thorough consistency, Orient movements are only produced in-house and built by hand – and are exclusively found in Orient watches only.

Orient Watch Lineup

Orient has a generous selection of different types of watches in its watch lineup that is suitable for all kinds of people and also situations. Because of their long history in the manufacturing of watches and having their very own in-house movement that is exclusively hand made, Orient is able to maintain a consistent standard in quality with all of their watches.

  • Classic Automatic: The Orient Classic Automatic watches are truly the classic wristwatches. Simple designs with great aesthetics make up the Classic line of watches with great functionality.
  • Sporty Automatic: Orient's Sporty Automatic watches feature very strong materials and sturdy looking exterior designs. Combining innovative designs with Orient's reliable and efficient watch movement, and you have a great timepiece on your wrist.
  • Diving Sports Automatic: These Diving Sports watches are made to be water-resistant for those who want a reliable timepiece with them when they are swimming or for those who work in water or in wet conditions.
  • Fashionable Automatic: These fashionable wrist watches are primarily aimed towards ladies, with very feminine designs and straps. ITs design has got elegant features such as hearts and stars. A wide variety of colors allow fashionistas to match these watches with their outfits.
  • Stylish and Smart: Wrist watches with a contemporary design and modern styling. These watches are incredibly stylish and smart looking, suitable for the younger generation.