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ORB Xbox 360 Analogue Thumb Grips (bagged) at 0.00 NZD from Nzgameshop
ORB Xbox 360 Analogue Thumb Grips (bagged)
RM 22.20
The must have accessory for any console gamer is here! Introducing the Xbox 360 Analogue Thumb Grips developed by the gaming accessory genius’ Orb. These quality crafted thumb stick grips enhance your Xbox 360 gameplay by offering an improved gripped feel when holding your controller. No longer will your thumbs slip during gameplay due to the raised dotted texture. Choose between two designs; a multi grip domed thumb stick or an indented 4 dotted thumb stick. Made from a top quality Thermoplastic polyurethane (Tpu) material, these ORB thumb grips are resistant against oil, grease and dust providing all the grip a gamer could ask for in the palm of your hands. These ergonomically designed thumb grips are manufactured with comfort and efficiency in mind. The ORB Analogue Thumb Grips are easy to attach, simply push them onto your Xbox 360 Controller and enhance your gaming experience. (No tools required) So what are you waiting for? Become a pro gamer with the ORB Xbox 360 Analogue Thumb Grips today! Includes: 1x Firm Rubber Grip Caps 1x 4-Dot Analogue Rubber Grip Caps Please Note: These thumb grips are only compatible with the Xbox 360 Controller (Xbox 360 Controller Not Included)