Opple is the world leader in LED lighting products. They produce products with only the highest of quality to ensure for long time durability and performance. As a leader in lighting products, Opple is also at the forefront in promoting the use of LED lighting over the conventional one. Read more here.


Opple Malaysia

Who is Opple?

Opple, or OPPLE as stylized, is a lighting manufacturer that is based in Shanghai, China. The company began in 1996 as a CFL and ceiling fixture manufacturer. Following that however, Opple has managed to expand its line of business significantly. Today they have grown their product line to include more items, expanding upon a large number of products and services. Their products range from common electrical appliances to larger scaled commercial lighting solutions.

The large expansion and success of their businesses of products and services has led Opple to rise as the largest home lighting company within the Chinese market and also one of the leading lighting manufacturers in the world. With a network of over 30,000 sales outlets, it is no doubt that their success is warranted.

Their success is not only in their own home country however, as they have also expanded internationally. The sales and services of their large array of products are currently offered in over 50 different countries worldwide. Demands for their high quality products have never been higher than before; add that with their relentless strive for innovation, Opple is always at the lead in their lighting products and also at the forefront of pushing LED lighting technology.

Opple LED Lighting

Opple is a company that wishes to pursue the best interests of the customers and the world as a whole, often innovating to provide the best lighting to their customers, ensuring complete satisfaction to their needs. That belief and dedication of Opple is exactly why Opple is a company that puts in a lot of strong support for LED lighting. They want to ensure that their customers will only receive high quality products and lighting that are not only affordable, but also incredibly durable and long lasting.

Here are a list of the benefits of using LED lights instead of the conventional light bulbs:

  • Long Lasting: Being long lasting is ultimately the top and most prioritized benefit of using LED lights. LED lights have an outstanding operating lifespan. They can last for up to a hundred thousand hours of active operation, which is more or less roughly 10 years of continuous operation time, that's without turning them off! In normal usage, their lifespan can be almost doubled.
  • Low Power Consumption: LED lights are much more efficient than the conventional lights. They are not only brighter, but are also more efficient in terms of power consumption. LED lights have an efficiency rating of about 80-90% with lesser energy lost.
  • Durable: Not only are they long lasting in terms of lighting, but LED lights are more durable as well. They are usually made with very high quality components that are tough and can withstand more punishments from the elements than conventional bulbs.
  • Versatile: LED lights are a very versatile form of lighting. They can be combined or made into any shape and sizes, resulting in it being an incredibly versatile light. Decorations, building lighting, car lighting, outdoor lighting – LEDs can be made into any shape. Each individual LED in a circuit can also be controlled independent of others, and some LEDs even have capabilities to switch colors and light temperature at any time.
  • Instant Light: Some traditional light bulbs may require a certain amount of time for it to achieve full brightness, and it will also gain heat quickly. LED lighting on the other hand will achieve maximum brightness the instant it is switched on, and it also does not heat up.

Opple Lighting Products

Today Opple focuses a lot on their LED lighting products. They produce a variety of different LED lighting products and solutions for homes and large scale lighting. Because their products are so varied, they are able to cover a lot of different needs and preferences. Opple's LED lighting products are divided into three different categories:

LED Lamps

Opple creates a variety of different LED lamps that can fit and suit into many different bulb holders and fixtures, such as the screw-on variety that is common with most table lamps and standing lamps, LED tubes that are similar to fluorescent lights, and even LED strips that are usually used for decoration and can be placed and bent into many different enclosures.

Some of these LED bulbs also may be used for different purposes or effect. A candle-type LED bulb may give off a flickering soft glow akin to that of a real flame, and an LED module could be possible programmed into having different effects and colors.

LED Home Luminaires

Perhaps you might not be one to have the patience to install LED light bulbs into holders, lamps, and fixtures; you just want something that works straight out of the box. Opple's LED Home Luminaires are precisely just that: Pre-made LEDs with fixtures that can be easily mounted and installed into any home or office.

LED Professional Luminaires

LED Professional Luminaires are pre-made LED lighting units that are made for architects, interior designers, contractors, and other professional lighting installers. These type of LED lighting units are slightly more difficult to be installed by the common everyday person, and can only be properly installed by these professionals.

If you are looking for any reliable and high quality LED lighting products and solutions, then Opple is a brand that is right for you.