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OPI Malaysia: Rainbows at Your Fingertips

OPI Malaysia: From Teeth to Nails

One of the biggest nail care brands in the world, OPI is known for providing quality products with fashionable colours and iconic names. The brand was originally named Odontorium Products Inc. and was actually a dental supply company before it was bought by its founder, George Schaeffer, in 1981. It would be years later (with the addition of several other key people like Suzi Weiss-Fischmann and biochemist R. Eric Montgomery) that company ventured into the nail care industry and closed its dentistry side for good. It was then that the company’s name was changed to OPI and it became the brand that it is known today.

A company that is based in the US, OPI’s richly formulated nail lacquers and other quality nail products is well-known in over 100 countries. Other than offering nail care products, the brand also provides professional nail services as well as has their very own nail art tutorial page for budding manicurists.

OPI Malaysia: Affordable Luxurious Nail Care

OPI has always been committed to providing their customers with the finest products and quality services. With a team of scientists and its strict safety standards, it is no wonder the brand is known for its innovative products that deliver exactly what the consumers are looking for with the highest level of safety. Among the nail care products that OPI has to offer are:

  • Nail Essentials: Covers a range of products from top coat and base coat to nail polish removers
  • Nail Envy: Covers a wide range of customized formulas that will help you grow your best nails possible
  • Quick Dry: Rapid dry products that set your nail polish in the blink of an eye
  • Avojuice: Hand and body lotion that comes in a wide variety of scents and will keep your skin properly moisturized for 24 hours
  • Avoplex: Replenishes moisture in hands and nails with the essence of Avocado
  • Nail Lacquer: Covers a wide range of highly-pigmented nail colours that are long lasting and chip-resistant

OPI Malaysia: From Bold and Sexy to Demure and Ladylike

Among all the nail care products that OPI has to offer, the brand is well known for its richly formulated nail lacquers that are available in a wide variety of colours and finishes. Like many cosmetics brands that launches new collections each season, OPI is home to various iconic nail polish collections and boasts a long roster of celebrity (not to mention: pop icon) endorsements.

Among the various colours that OPI has added to its product lineup, we have chosen a few colours that have remained as the most popular OPI polishes of all time:

  • OPI Big Apple Red: Launched as part of the OPI New York Collection in 2000, this colour has remained one of the bestselling shades and is a permanent colour on OPI’s Classic collection. Like the name suggests, this colour is a red crème-finish nail polish that does not have a blue or orange undertone, a true classic red that will complement any skin tone and is a must-have polish for all nail polish addicts.
  • OPI Bubble Bath: One of the popular OPI colours that was repackaged with a new formula for the 2015 OPI Nail Envy Strength In Colour Collection. Its original shade was a milky white while its more recent update is pink with the same crème finish that makes it prefect to be worn to the office as a nude nail colour.
  • OPI My Private Jet: The original version of this polish came with a holographic effect that was discontinued a long time ago. The brand has since released other versions of the polish under the same name. And while these updated versions may not be as pretty as the original, the holographic flecks on a dark brown base still makes the polish eye catching and a great addition to any collection.
  • OPI Malaga Wine: Another mainstay on OPI Classics collection, this colour is described as a wine red that is not too dark, not too red and not too purple either. It is a colour that is flattering on a wide range of skin tones.
  • OPI Lincoln Part After Dark: This colour is described as by OPI as “where midnight meets purple”. It is a dark purple nail polish with just a hint of red. There are two versions of this polish, one with a jelly-like finish (the original) and one with a matte finish.

OPI Malaysia: For Well-Groomed Hands

Give your nails a treat or a beautiful dash of colour with these awesome OPI products that we have to offer. If these products are not to your liking, then check out our array of Nail Care products from brands like Essie, China Glaze, Sally Hansen and Butter London.