Food is not the enemy nor your life is over when you have diabetes. With some self-monitoring using a trustworthy device like OneTouch meters, you can still be in control of your life. Learn more here.

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Live life to its fullest even with diabetes with OneTouch meters at iprice Malaysia

Being diagnose with diabetes is no longer end of the world, with a proper diabetes management plan and regular monitoring of your blood glucose levels, living your usual life is very possible. OneTouch believes that living with diabetes means, first and foremost, living. And by birth right, you are a person. Not a patient. So, go and live life to its fullest even with diabetes.

A person who understands their own blood sugar's habits and moves, and the simple power of making a choice and correcting a course while never miss any moment of this amazing life you call yours. However, keeping your blood sugar levels within the range recommended by your doctor can be challenging. That's because many things make your blood sugar levels change, sometimes unexpectedly. So, it is very handy to have OneTouch meters within hand’s reach.

OneTouch products made by LifeScan

Dedicated in creating a world without limits for people with diabetes, OneTouch comprehensive blood glucose monitoring systems are tailored to meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals. LifeScan Canada, a Johnson & Johnson company is the manufacturer of OneTouch blood glucose monitoring products.

Headquartered in Wayne, Pennsylvania, LifeScan Canada has been part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies since 1986. LifeScan Canada has about 2,500 employees worldwide that support the diabetes community, from volunteer drives, to diabetes-related events like the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk to Cure Diabetes besides helping to make helpful products.

OneTouch world class blood glucose monitoring products

Your dreams and ambitions. Challenges and failures. Adventures and lessons and triumphs. Diabetes shouldn't hold you back. Although diabetes requires daily attention and vigilance, it should not be permitted to take attention or vigilance away from the things, large and small, that feed your joy.

Learn about carbohydrate counting and portion sizes
A major success factor to diabetes management plan is learning how to count carbohydrates as they are the foods that often have the biggest impact on your blood sugar levels. Learn what portion size is appropriate for each type of food. Simplify your meal planning by writing down portions for the foods you eat often. As for people taking mealtime insulin, it's crucial to know the amount of carbohydrates in your food, so you get the proper insulin dose. Be selective when eating but don’t take away the joy of enjoying food, eat a balanced diet and coordinate your meals with appropriate medication. It is also best to avoid sugar-sweetened drinks like cordials, juice, soda and sports drinks unless you are experiencing lower than average sugar levels.
Make time for sufficient amount of exercise
Physical activity is another important part of your diabetes management plan. When you exercise, your muscles use sugar (glucose) for energy. Regular physical activity also helps your body use insulin more efficiently. Talk to your doctor about what blood sugar levels are appropriate for you before you begin exercise.
Choose your alcohol drink carefully
The liver normally releases stored sugar to counteract falling blood sugar levels. But if your liver is busy metabolizing alcohol, your blood sugar level may not get the boost it needs from the liver. Alcohol can result in low blood sugar shortly after you drink it and for as many as 24 hours more. So, remember to include the calories from any alcohol you drink in your daily calorie count. Ask your doctor or dietitian how to incorporate calories and carbohydrates from alcoholic drinks into your diet plan.

You can now better monitor your blood glucose levels with OneTouch blood glucose meter. You can choose and select from different kinds of OneTouch machines that will better suit your needs, depending on your lifestyle choices.

Top OneTouch blood glucose meters

Here are some of the top OneTouch products that are very helpful.

OneTouch SelectSimple — a blood glucose monitor that is able to track your blood sugar easier and faster. When your blood sugar levels are low, high or very high, the monitor will alert you with its colour and audio alerts. With its icon-driven interface and no coding, setup or buttons, all you need to do is insert the strip to start, apply blood and results can be obtained in a matter of seconds.
OneTouch UltraMini — this blood glucose meter has all the features you need to test your blood glucose successfully. A simple testing process provides accurate results in just five seconds. This device can store up to 500 of your past glucose results.
OneTouch Verio Flex — this device takes the guesswork out of your number with Simple Colour Range Indicator. Compact, rechargeable, slim and easy to read, it is also USB and Bluetooth able, so you can store your glucose levels in your smartphone.
OneTouch Verio — this is a smart blood glucose device that shows useful information about your results without the need for you to search with your smartphone. It has an on-screen colour range indicator that is able to transmit automatic progress notes and treat low alerts. It also has a large colour screen with side buttons. USB friendly, this is highly recommended for seniors.

Don’t be despair, be prepared. OneTouch is here to help you and your loved ones be in control of your life! It is highly recommended by doctors that users test for blood glucose levels 1-2 hours after each meal. Health and beauty products can help in other aspects too, check them out too.